Normal is boring. In today’s ever-evolving advertising landscape, merely relying on flashy billboards on busy highways won’t cut it anymore. Thankfully, there exists a treasure trove of untapped paid media opportunities that can supercharge your brand’s visibility and engagement. 

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At The James Agency, we specialize in uncovering these gems. Join our team as we explore these creative avenues, where you can optimize your media spend and outsmart competition. From quirky to cutting-edge, these strategies are sure to amplify your impact and make every marketing dollar count. 

Podcasts: The Soundtrack of Niche Marketing

Speaking of gems—podcasts shine bright, especially as of late. Their explosive popularity offers a unique opportunity to connect with niche audiences in a personal, intimate setting. Whether sponsoring a podcast or appearing as a guest, your brand can resonate profoundly in the ears of dedicated listeners who trust the voices they regularly tune into. 

Leverage this platform to announce product drops, promote exclusive deals, highlight events, educate your audience, build your community—It’s the perfect medium to seamlessly weave your brand message into engaging stories or insightful discussions, capturing the attention of the masses as they directly interact with your niche.

At The James Agency, our team of paid media specialists will help you identify podcasts that align with your brand values and target audience. From true crime thrillers to business insights, there’s truly a podcast tailored to every taste. Amplify your message in a way that feels natural and engaging, ensuring it reaches potential consumers during their daily commutes, mid-day walks or workout sessions. 

Rebecca Johann is Content Creator at The James Agency.

Drone Show & Airplane Banner Advertising: Take Your Brand to New Heights

Literally taking your message to the skies, drone shows and airplane banner advertising offer a spectacle that’s hard to ignore. Aerial advertising commands attention in diverse settings, from music festivals and sporting events to seaside gatherings and marathons.

Whether orchestrating a mesmerizing light show with synchronized drones or unfurling a banner across a sunny beach, harnessing the grandeur of the skies ensures your message stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Dating App Ads: Love at First Click

Dating apps aren’t just for finding romance—they’re great for finding brand love, too. Platforms like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge are buzzing with millions of active users swiping daily, making them prime matchmaking advertising spaces. These dating app ad opportunities can drive app downloads, promote events and cultivate brand affinity among tech-savvy singles. 

Take our client Be Well Health, for instance. To boost brand awareness, we launched a targeted ad campaign across several dating apps. We tailored each dating app ad to users’ location, age, interests and relationship status. The results have been impressive: 1.74M impressions and 14,130 clicks, far surpassing the industry benchmarks. Our ads achieved a 0.81% click-through-rate (CTR), well above the standard 0.25% for in-app display ads. 

This personalized approach not only increased visibility but also drove more clicks to their website than anticipated—a win for TJA, our client and the lucky swipers discovering Be Well Health!

Mobile Truck Advertising: Impossible-to-Ignore Ads on Wheels

Picture yourself at a bustling intersection, waiting for the light to change, when suddenly your ad rolls by. Or perhaps you’re leaving a local sporting event, only to find your ad parked and prominently displayed at the entrance, brilliantly lit against the night sky.

Mobile truck advertising transforms city streets into branded avenues, offering unmatched flexibility and visibility, perfect for product drops or boosting local awareness. Select specific routes and high-traffic areas, or align your campaigns with major events. These rolling billboards allow you to customize your message and effectively target your desired demographic right where they are

Flash Mob Marketing: Bursts of Spontaneous Brand Awareness

Talk about capturing attention and creating a buzz in unexpected places…these spontaneous gatherings of people, synchronized to perform a choreographed routine or activity, have become iconic for their ability to surprise and engage audiences. 

Flash mobs turn the streets of busy cities into a stage for your brand. A well-executed flash mob can turn heads, generate excitement and create unforgettable memories for onlookers who become curious to learn more about your brand and eventually become active participants in your story. 

Whether it’s spotlighting a product drop, promoting a special event or simply sparking joy in unexpected places to boost brand awareness, flash mob marketing offers paid media opportunities and a creative outlet to connect with audiences on a visceral level. 

Reimagined: Your Media Spend

Why confine your brand to conventional advertising when a world of untapped paid media opportunities awaits? The James Agency is passionate about pushing the boundaries and uncovering innovative strategies to make your media spend work harder and smarter. 

Ready to go beyond the billboard? Contact The James Agency today to discuss your brand’s media strategy and discover how we can elevate your advertising game together! 

Author: Rebecca Johann is Content Creator at The James Agency, Scottsdale’s woman-led, integrated strategic marketing agency specializing in all facets of advertising, public relations and digital. To learn more, visit