Bartab App To Get Dollar DrinksWhat can’t we do on our cell phones nowadays? With a new application, customers are able to redeem dollar drinks at their favorite local bars.

Bartab is a free mobile application that allows people to send and receive $1 drinks at participating bars. The application connects with Facebook, allowing you to send your friends drinks online and allowing them to redeem these drinks at the bar with their phone.

Jason Shorb, director of business development for Webtab Inc., the creators of Bartab, says that the savings are undeniable. For drinks that usually cost $5 to $6, it only costs one dollar to send friends drinks.

Bartab currently caters to 15 markets across the U.S., including the Phoenix area, with the participation of over 600 bars within said markets. Currently Phoenix has over 80 participating bars and restaurants.

Shorb says this app is convenient in many ways. For those who do not own smartphone, they can still receive drinks via SMS; and recipients also have up to 90 days to redeem their drinks. The only restriction is customers can only redeem one drink per bar per day — but that doesn’t prevent people from going to multiple bars in one day, Shorb says.

Shorb says that the application is a win-win situation for consumers and retailers alike.

“People are ecstatic about not only being able to use their cell phones to redeem something, which is the first technology of its kind, but also saving so much money,” Shorb says. “And the bars and restaurants appreciate it as well because we’re sharing a free marketing program that just helps them fill seats.”

The Phoenix area was picked up last December, and Shorb states that Bartab is growing rapidly; the company plans to expand to 20 markets by the end of this year.

The app gives you five complimentary dollars when you create an account, and Shorb explains that the program is a great social tool for anyone who goes out, even if only once a week.Bartab Dollar Drinks

Bartab also reminds users of their friends’ upcoming birthdays, and it encourages more consistent social interactions at local bars and restaurants.

“It’s a fun, social gifting program, and people really enjoy sending and redeeming dollar drinks,” Shorb says. He furthers that Bartab’s mission is “to conquer the world, one drink at a time.”

Want to start your own Bartab? Get set up on Bartab’s website, and instantly send and receive dollar drinks.


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Check out participating bars in the Phoenix area, including:

501 S. Mill Ave., Tempe

Carlsbad Tavern
3313 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale

The Living Room
23333 N. 7th St., Phoenix

Down Under Wines & Bistro
1422 W. Warner, Gilbert

6070 W. Bell Rd., Glendale