Show Phoenix Pride, Photo: Michael Ruiz, Flickr

Photo: Michael Ruiz, Flickr

June 9, 2011

Gianna Miller

Show Phoenix Pride And Take Favorite Cities In The U.S. Survey

Travel & Leisure is back with its annual survey: Favorite Cities in The U.S. Residents and visitors rank 35 major cities based on eight major categories with Phoenix a contender.

So which city is the best? That’s for you to decide — and we’re hoping Phoenix!

The survey first inquires whether or not the submission is from a resident of the city or a visitor. After the perspective is established, the survey is divided into eight categories:

  • Nightlife
  • Type of trip the city is best suited for
  • Culture
  • Quality of life and visitor experience
  • People of the city
  • Best times to visit
  • Food/drink/restaurants
  • Shopping

    Each category has several subcategories to be rated on a scale of one to five, with an additional option of “no opinion.”

    Phoenix/Scottsdale has proven to be well rated for visits during the winter, New Year’s Eve and Spring break; and it was ranked in the top three for the hotels subcategory against all 35 cities — which is not surprising with hotels such as The Boulders, Arizona Biltmore, The Phoenician and The Royal Palms.

    Disappointingly, the city is ranked near the bottom for categories of culture, nightlife and people.

    Although Phoenix was ranked high for big-name restaurants under the food/drink category, it was again near the bottom for ethnic food, farmers markets and local specialties.

    But we know Phoenix is an overall amazing city to live in, right? Customer service is widely revered across the Valley, and Scottsdale is known across the nation for its exquisite shopping, including Scottsdale Fashion Square and Kierland Commons.

    We also know that while big name restaurants are more prevalent, there are a variety of ethnic food gems sprinkled throughout the city, as well as neighborhood cafes and local joints. La Tolteca Mexican Food, Caffe Saravejo and Little India are tasty ethnic finds, and Acacia Cafe and Taylor’s Cafe are two of a myriad of great local cafes around the city.

    Phoenix has a well-rounded scene for sports, music, and theater downtown, as well as in its surrounding cities and suburbs. Home of the University of Phoenix Stadium, Chase Field, Phoenix Symphony Hall, and Gammage Auditorium, Phoenix has a wide range of culture to offer residents and visitors alike.

    Show your Phoenix pride and take the Favorite Cities survey today. Phoenix is well known for being one of the fastest growing cities in America, and there has to be a reason. Phoenix may not monopolize one of those eight categories, but it shows strong presence of all eight, providing an overall great experience for living and visiting.

    Visit Travel & Leisure today to take the 2011 Favorite Cities Survey.