The Martz Parsons Agency has officially been renamed Big Yam, The Parsons Agency. Bob Parsons acquired Martz Agency in October 2013 and renamed it The Martz Parsons Agency. Since the original acquisition the agency has hired, trained and established a crew of nearly 50 agency professionals ready to execute on his vision for an all-encompassing branding machine. With the retirement of Carrie Martz and significant investments in new facilities, the agency is being renamed to reflect its unusual capabilities and its place in the YAM Worldwide family.

“We’ve assembled a very capable team,” said businessman and philanthropist Bob Parsons. “People that understand, no matter the size of your company, how to create campaigns that make an impact and, at the end of the day, do what matters most – ring the register.”

BIG YAM employs a total approach to marketing, delivering high-quality, industry-leading work. From branding, public relations and traditional creative, to digital media, website development and video production, the firm’s ability to produce everything in-house enables it to seamlessly deliver fully-integrated campaigns.

“The agency has been a strong supporter of the Valley of the Sun YMCA for many years. The PR team has been a huge asset in helping us tell the YMCA story of how we are transforming lives across Arizona…the team is responsive, professional and operated like a part of the Y family,” said Jim Diaz, Valley of the Sun YMCA VP of Marketing.  “Most recently we worked together to help transition our advertising to the digital age and last year took on the monumental task of building our website from scratch to help bring our mission to more Arizonans and to help usher us into the age of online transactions.  We are grateful for their capable work, expertise and dedication to our cause.”

Most recently, the BIG YAM team created and launched the Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) brand.  PXG, a nascent golf equipment company, has developed patented technology and a sophisticated manufacturing process that integrates high-performance alloys and elastomers to produce what are quickly being recognized as the finest golf clubs in the world. To differentiate the brand from other manufacturers and highlight its innovative technology, BIG YAM developed a look and feel for the company that is not only unconventional, but is also generating a buzz in the golf industry worldwide.

“Bob has a history of thinking outside the box, which dates back to when we worked together at GoDaddy and even to his earlier marketing endeavors,” said BIG YAM CEO Marianne Curran. “Bob has spent time sharing his marketing vision with our entire team, pushing them to embrace new thought processes to help grab attention and move the needle for our clients and their brands.”

To further enhance the agency’s ability to provide its clients with unrivaled service, development of a 30,000 square foot headquarters is underway, inclusive of a 4,000 square foot production studio facility. The state-of-the-art facility and studio in North Scottsdale will be part of the YAM Worldwide campus, BIG YAM’s parent company, and is scheduled to open its doors in spring 2016.  Specific capabilities and design of the facility will be unveiled in a sneak-peak to select media and guests later this year.