Which Disney princess are you? What city should you actually live in? Which Ryan Gosling character is your soulmate? What flavor of ramen noodles are you?

Viral online quizzes like these are becoming ubiquitous on our newsfeeds and timelines. Although they may seem like nothing more than amusing distractions, research has shown that online quizzes can serve as effective marketing tools.

Phoenix digital marketing agency, Yazamo, has helped small businesses generate thousands of leads per month using quizzes marketed on social media, according to Hari Meyyappan, the company’s director of content marketing.

Finding success with online quizzes didn’t come easy for the company, though. In fact, Yazamo co-founder Jeremy Ellens even wrote a blog post titled, “Why Yazamo’s 2015 Failures Made It Our Best Year Yet.”

In his post, Ellens detailed how the Yazamo team realized that their business model wasn’t very scalable and how they began to lose some major clients and over 35 percent of their monthly revenue.

Yazamo helped clients drive traffic, design and develop landing pages, write copy and set up marketing automation, but according to Meyyappan, “Our clients each had their own specific software, goals and expectations, which took a lot of labor intensive time. As we grew, problems arose with hiring and training new team members who could help effectively and quickly contribute to new projects.”

The team began to evaluate their past successes and to search for ways to simplify their services.

“We had built one client’s email list by over 35,000 people in just six months using a quiz campaign, and helped her go on to hit the national best seller list,” Meyyappan said. “We decided to simplify our services to just these quiz campaigns.”

After reducing their services to just the quizzes, the team noticed that it was still taking one to two weeks to code the quizzes.

“That’s when we realized that creating a software was the solution to becoming more scalable,”
Meyyappan said.

The team spent the next few months creating the software now known as leadquizzes.com, which allows clients to write their own content and develop their own quizzes.

According to Meyyappan, the software reduced the average quiz creation time from approximately two weeks to about 30 minutes.

“Thanks to the launch of LeadQuizzes, we’ve broken free of the scalability barrier of a service based business and we’re growing like never before,” Meyyappan said. “We have other agencies who once competed with us now referring us business and we can manage thousands more clients without dramatically scaling up our team size.”