With nearly half of Americans now turning to side-hustles to make ends meet, I thought you would be interested in a new study that identifies moving work as potentially the most lucrative side-hustle of them all — and Arizona as a hotbed for moving business. Based on current data research from HireAHelper, moving laborers are now earning an average of $110 per hour – and moving companies earn upwards of $352 per move.

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Here are some of the more Arizona-specific findings of interest when it comes to moving laborers:

• At the state level, Arizona ranks first in moving job opportunity, with an average of 237 moving jobs per company, per year. (3,567 companies for 854,488 moves.)

• The Phoenix area has one of the most favorable demand-to-supply ratios in the US, with an average of 393 moving jobs available per moving company. (1,542 companies for 605,444 moves.) This ranks third among major metro areas in the US.

• Outside of Phoenix, the market is more saturated (more companies/fewer moves) than in Phoenix itself. In Tucson there’s an average of 244 moving jobs available per company, indicating the demand side (moves) isn’t quite as high as the supply side (moving companies), compared to the situation in Phoenix. 

The Best Side Hustle Nobody’s Talking About

As inflation continues to rise, many Americans are beginning to notice the prices of consumer goods are drifting out of reach. This is likely why, according to a recent study, nearly half (44%) of Americans are turning to side hustles to make ends meet.

And while the internet is awash with articles listing all kinds of side hustles to consider, there is one lucrative side gig few are talking about: starting a local moving company (or joining one).

Despite some real estate markets cooling off, the demand for moving services is high. Homes are still selling fast, and as rents climb higher, many are moving out of their homes to find cheaper accommodations or to live with family.

While starting a full-scale moving company with a fleet of trucks, drivers, and movers is an undertaking too big for a side hustle, starting a moving labor company is actually relatively simple.

All you need is a business license and some start-up costs. Ultimately, if you are comfortable with lifting heavy items and have time to spare, you could realistically start a moving labor business and earn upwards of $100/hr. by helping people move.