If you still think of LinkedIn as your regular social media site, then you need awakening. Since 2011 when it graced our smartphones and computers, LinkedIn has grown in popularity, surpassing its goals of just linking employees to employers. Thanks to various features such as the LinkedIn tool, the site is now a force to reckon with.

Currently, LinkedIn is one of the largest and most effective platforms for job recruitments and networking. It is also a tool that allows individuals and organizations alike to share content and gather feedback. LinkedIn presents you with career and business growth opportunities. However, to leverage these invaluable benefits of LinkedIn, your engagement levels should be a record high.

Engagements Are Vital For LinkedIn Success

Since it is tailor-made for business professionals, the importance of engagements on LinkedIn cannot be over-emphasized. Just like any other social media platform, the number of likes, comments, and shares directly affects the impact you make on LinkedIn. Optimizing your page and content is only half of the equation. You need to elevate your reach to allow you to improve online visibility.

So, how do you effectively achieve high engagement levels on a flooded platform where boosting visibility is only becoming harder by the day?

Podawaa is what you need.

What is Podawaa?

If you are a business person or a job seeker who needs to elevate your LinkedIn profile, Podawaa is the LinkedIn tool for you. The same applies to businesses that want to promote their products and services without spending their hard-earned money on LinkedIn advertisements.

Podawaa is an automated LinkedIn tool that allows businesses and individuals to generate likes and comments for posts. It also helps businesses to define a target audience to ensure they make a more personalized reach. Since companies realized they need to cough up a significant amount of money for their content to reach its intended audience, Podawaa has become a preferred option for business people who want to improve their online visibility on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn uses an algorithm to improve the online visibility of your content. Once you put up a post, LinkedIn will display the content to your immediate network, as its algorithm keeps an eye on the engagement levels. Considering the likes and comments it gathers, LinkedIn will determine whether the post is suitable for other viewers. If so, the post appears on the profile of the connections of people who liked, commented, and shared your content. The process continues, and with such levels of engagement, a post is likely to go viral.

Unfortunately, this is not the immediate reality of many people. Additionally, the process might take a considerable time to reach a wider audience, delaying conversions.

Podawaa comes to the rescue of those seeking pronounced visibility of their content. The Chrome extension creates pods that it uses to increase reach. Pods are engagement groups created on Podawaa automatically or manually to like, comment, and share content. What this does is increase engagement by 300%.

Benefits of using Podawaa 

There are various reasons why businesses are advised to use Podawaa as a tool to manage engagement on LinkedIn.

Let us dive into details.

• Podawaa allows you to find engagement groups that relate to your business. Unlike the LinkedIn algorithm that relies on connections to boost visibility, with Podawaa, you need not know anyone in those engagement groups.

• The LinkedIn algorithm is quick to identify when one person engages with your post severally. If that is the case, LinkedIn fails to boost the post. However, Podawaa provides a wide range of audiences to like, share, and comment on your posts. With different people engaging with your content, you can be sure that your content will be visible to a wider audience.

• Podawaa makes use of the automation feature, allowing you to prepare your posts as well as the comments in advance. Furthermore, Podawaa uses an intelligent algorithm that generates relevant comments for your post, making them as human as possible.

• Podawaa allows you the luxury of manual engagements and determining your target audience.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Engagements

Podawaa is one of the greatest ways to improve engagements. However, other ways exist that amplify the effects of Podawaa.

LinkedIn is for the sole purpose of expanding businesses and making connections, but this does not happen automatically; not without effort. The importance of optimizing your LinkedIn profile cannot be over-emphasized. It is one of the best ways to ensure you elevate the effects of Podawaa.

Below are some of the ways you can optimize your profile for better content engagement.

Use your personal profile

One of the most notable benefits of using LinkedIn is that you can use your company and personal profile. Unfortunately, many people tend to focus more on the business aspect of LinkedIn that they forget that audiences are more receptive to humans as compared to organizations. In as much as you aspire to grow your brand, also make sure that your profile receives the attention it needs.

Using your personal profile is vital for several reasons.

1. It allows you to send personalized messages and connection requests, actions that are unattainable on business accounts.

2. Allows you to use the LinkedIn publisher, another feature that is not available on business accounts.

3. People are more likely to follow their fellow individuals as compared to a business page or brand.

4. Engagements are easier and more effective when audiences know they are dealing with individuals.

When crafting your profile, remember that people who visit your profile will almost always look at your headline. Your headline should act as your elevator pitch. It should clearly state who you are, what you do or stand for, and what you aspire to offer your target audience.

Update your information regularly

Whether it is a personal or company account, making a habit of updating your information is vital. Let not a new job promotion or the increasing workflow in the company deter you from being current.

Out-dated information on your LinkedIn profile is an indication that you are not active. This is not a good look for, especially, a person who holds a senior management level position in a company. It gives off a bad impression and people will rarely engage with you.

Additionally, the LinkedIn algorithm looks at the relevance of a profile when generating search results. By updating your information regularly, you strategically position yourself to appear on relevant searches.

Use professional photos

LinkedIn is for the sole purpose of promoting professional relationships. As such, your pictures should showcase a professional appearance.

Our headshot should be of high-quality and preferably, professionally taken. The reason being, your profile picture is the first interaction people have with you on your LinkedIn profile. If you are a company CEO, a formal picture is a perfect option. However, if you are in the creative industry such as music production, a more casual photo is ideal.

The background photo is also as important. Instead of using the default LinkedIn picture, customize it to suit your brand or personality. Use it to share relevant information and demonstrate what you stand for.

Remember that content is key

LinkedIn offers you an opportunity to use your content to connect with people. Podawaa elevates this experience by enhancing the visibility of this content. However, these tools are only effective if your content is share-worthy.

Unlike other social media platforms where photos of your recent vacation in a bikini create a buzz, those photos are often misplaced on LinkedIn. As stated earlier, LinkedIn is specifically designed to build professional relationships. As such, you should mainly focus on promoting professionalism.

For this reason, you need to craft compelling content that adds value to your audience. Refrain from using jargon. Simple and clear language allows you to communicate what you offer better. To attract more audiences, remember to include measurable achievements and to indicate why what you offer is what your audiences need.

Additionally, strive to perfect the skill of storytelling. Since time immemorial, stories have extensively been used to evoke emotions as human beings connect better to stories.

Showcase your skills

Your skillset is among the first things connects tend to look at. Employers and clients alike are always curious about what you can offer. As such, if you are looking to improve engagement levels on your LinkedIn profile, you need to indicate your skills.

As a professional, you may have a variety of skills you want to showcase. In such a situation, make sure that your most proficient skills appear first. Additionally, indicate your honors, languages, volunteer work done, and the patents you hold.

At this point, the importance of regularly updating your profile comes in handy. Make sure that you update your achievements and endorsements to ensure you remain current.

Automation is key

Automation is a marketing strategy that many business owners use to increase company productivity. However, it is now being extensively used in content management.

If you want to make the most out of your LinkedIn experience, using the automation feature is imperative. By scheduling posts, you not only save time but also eliminate the need of posting several times in a day.

Much to the satisfaction of business owners, Podawaa is one such platform that allows you to schedule posts throughout the day. If you have not yet used the service, you can log on to their website and use their free trial. Once you sign up, you will leverage the benefits of scheduling posts.

Be consistent

Consistency is key on any social media platform if you are to achieve great engagement levels. To ensure that you find favor with LinkedIn’s algorithm, posting content multiple times a day is vital. While many people may have difficulties finding enough content to post multiple times a day, it is completely okay to do a repost.

Especially if it is content that is valuable to your clients, reposting it is highly recommended. The reason being, reposting allows a new set of audiences to engage with your content. To limit stale posts and being too repetitive, you can change the theme or layout of the post. Also, avoid reposting every 30 minutes. Give a post at least a 3-hour window before reposting.