With COVID-19 cases spiking just as businesses are beginning to recover from shutdowns, many Arizona employers are facing very real risks in reopening. One local startup, however, may be able to help. With on-site COVID-19 testing available to local businesses with at least 10 tested employees, COVID Testing To You is an affordable and scalable way for employers to manage through this phase of the pandemic.

COVID Testing To You provides FDA certified, on-site testing, and has recently begun testing employees at local restaurants experiencing outbreaks. The company offers Rapid Antibody (igg) tests for $75 per person with 10-minute results, and insurance-eligible COVID-19 infection tests with 48-hour results, for $139 per person. A $50 site fee applies to all visits.

Each visit from COVID Testing To You includes trained medical staff on site at the company’s chosen location, and either MD or NP supervision of patient prescribed tests and results.

The company’s medical director, Dr. Reyes Topete MD, has worked in the medical field in Arizona for more than 20 years. His background is in drug therapy, and drug testing expertise that helped secure large-volume tests.

Says Topete, “As businesses reopen, they must balance the desire to keep their employees and customers safe with the need to keep their doors open. That’s why testing is so critical. By proactively and regularly testing for COVID-19, businesses can make better-informed decisions on their reopening plans and safety measures.”

Testing appointments are available for request now via the company’s website, covidtestingtoyou.com.