Online hackers attack businesses around the world every minute of every day. Many companies miss the opportunity to take adequate precautions and that leaves their business open to data theft. Don’t wait for disaster to strike; you can fight the constant onslaught from hackers against your company’s security.  Rather than wait for someone to attack your business, protect your information using the following four steps.

1. Protect Your Data

If you keep your customer’s data on your system, you may be asking for problems. You may believe your company isn’t big enough to be targeted, but that isn’t true. Hackers seek information they can sell in any form available. Make sure you encrypt all of your customer’s info, and if you can, outsource your eCommerce business.

2. Secure Monitoring Software

The well-being of your server is an essential consideration in the health of your business if you do any online posting, sales, or communication. To ensure your operation is secure, use the best server monitoring software you can find. This will prevent downtime, failures, and lost sale transactions. Keeping your servers safe through constant monitoring of your CPU and RAM will allow you to avoid hacker entry points.

3. Focus on Security

Most people are creatures of habit. They like the same coffee every morning, and they have one or two passwords for all their devices. Even if the password is a strong one, ask each person to change their login information monthly. Additionally, encourage your employees to have numbers, symbols, and both cases of characters in their password and user name. Yes, it may be challenging to keep track of all the new names and passwords, but it will be worth it when hackers are unable to get into your operating system.

4. Enhance the Firewall

Your company is only as strong as the firewall you maintain. That is why it is vital to have your tech team maintain the latest updates. This will offer more protection than an outdated firewall that hackers have discovered a backdoor into. Fight back against unwanted and relentless spam and malicious bots by providing your company with a current version of the best firewall you can afford.

You can maintain a safe online presence if you practice strict business security measures each day. Keep your company’s cyberspace safe with the latest update, software, and monitoring services available. Your customers are worth that much.