Every year, almost 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide is produced from burning fossil fuels.

In addition to releasing greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, burning fossil fuels produces localized air pollutants, which is why the world is trying to find greener solutions.

One way of reducing the number of fossil fuels that are burned each year is to use biodiesel. It is derived from animals or plants and consists of long-chain fatty-acid esters. Biodiesel is typically made by chemically reacting lipids, like vegetable oils or animal fats, with alcohol.

A main usage for biodiesel is fueling cars and other vehicles; and because biodiesel is a drop-in biofuel, it is compatible with existing diesel engines. But biodiesel has many uses besides serving as a fuel for transportation. There are even some home uses for it.

How Biodiesel Can Save You Money

Unless you happen to strike oil in your back garden, fuel costs money.

The good thing about biodiesel is you can make it yourself and save money. The first step is to collect used cooking oil. Check out this helpful article to learn more about how to make biodiesel.

By making your own biodiesel, you can potentially make significant savings and do your bit for the environment. Not only can you use your homemade biodiesel as a fuel. You can also use it for several home purposes.

Home Heating

The main home use for biodiesel is heating.

It can be used as a home heating oil in domestic boilers. Furthermore, you can usually use a 20% biodiesel blend without having to make any modifications to your boiler; although some older boilers may not be suitable.

Not only is biodiesel a cleaner and more affordable heating option. It can also help to clean the pipes in equipment with high tolerance, especially when the blend of biodiesel is strong.

So, if you want to improve your fuel efficiency and heat your home with a greener solution, you really should consider switching to biodiesel.

Removing Paint

If you often do DIY, you are sure to encounter times when you need to remove paint. But removing oil-based paint from a surface usually involves using paint-removal products that are very toxic. The good news is biodiesel is an excellent replacement for small-scale paint-removal jobs.

It is also very good for removing adhesives. And seeing as you can use used cooking oil to make your own biodiesel, it is an affordable paint and glue removal option too.

Degreasing and Lubricating

You can also use biodiesel in the home for de-greasing and lubricating. For instance, you could use it to clean a greasy oven or dirty machine parts or to lubricate a bicycle chain.

Again, biodiesel is a greener and more affordable option than most store-bought products.

Charging Electronics

While you cannot yet charge your home electronics with biodiesel, you may be able to do so in the near future.

Scientists at Saint Louis University have developed a new type of biofuel cell which is basically a battery that runs off enzymes and alcohol.

Biofuel cells could potentially replace rechargeable batteries in all number of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and remote controls.

Instead of requiring charging via electricity, biofuel cells need only a few millimeters of alcohol to begin charging.

While the biofuel cells are not strictly biodiesel, the development of biofuel cells does show just how many different uses biodiesel and other biofuels could have in the future.