April 28, 2020

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The latest email marketing trends that turn prospects into hot leads

Approximately 49 percent of the world, or 3.7 billion people, use email around the world. You can use emails to engage, excite, and inform potential customers about your business. Email marketing is also one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies you can utilize as a business.

In fact, 60 percent of consumers say emails influence them to make a purchase from a particular brand. By investing time, money, and effort into your emails, you can build your business and improve your ROI.

It doesn’t work if your emails are looking stale, though. Instead, check out these seven email marketing trends. By utilizing these trends, you can improve your emails and generate more business!

Make the most of your next email marketing campaign with these tips!

1. Make Sure You’re Mobile

Today, 96 percent of Americans now own a cellphone. In fact, one in five American adults is a smartphone-only user, meaning they rely solely on their phones for information. If your emails aren’t optimized for smaller screens, you’re missing out on those customers.

This email marketing trend can impact the remaining trends we’ll discuss below.

In order to improve your open and click-through rate, make sure you have a strong, compelling subject line, too. Tease your content a little to compel consumers to open the email. Then, offer them content that appeals to their interests.

Make sure to determine how the subject line will appear on mobile devices before you send the email to your subscription list. Your subject line might cut shorter than you expect it to.

You should also use the preview text area to attract clicks as well.

Test It Out

Once you send yourself a test email, make sure to study every component of the message. That includes the:

  • Subject line and preview text
  • Header image
  • Body text
  • Call-to-action button

Make sure your text is easy to read on smaller screens. You can also improve readability by shortening sentences and paragraphs. Instead of large chunks of text, use headers and bullets to give the reader a break.

Your call-to-action button is how you’ll convert subscribers into potential sales. Make sure the button stands out against the email’s background. Use your company’s brand colors to help it pop!

Then, use strong, verb-oriented language to excite readers into taking action.

By studying these elements on a mobile device, you can make sure your emails are ready for your on-the-go readers!

2. Go Minimalistic

People get dozens of emails every day. Once they click on your email, what reason do they have to read yours instead of someone else’s? One of the most utilized email marketing trends for the year is minimalistic design.

Consumers are busier than ever. They’re looking for short, easy-to-consume content they can skim through any time, anywhere. A long, cluttered email could scare off subscribers before they even realize what you have to offer.

To utilize this email marketing trend, start by adding white space to your designs.

White space will give your content room to breathe. Instead of wondering where to go next, negative space will encourage a natural flow of information.

Consumers are looking for authentic experiences. Rather than stuff your emails with content, focus on establishing an emotional connection with customers. Humanize your brand by focusing on their problems and needs instead of sales language.

Each email should have one main focal point. Keeping your emails focused will help you clear away the clutter and maintain the reader’s focus on a single goal. Minimalistic design will also:

  • Improve email load times
  • Ensure your brand message is clear and concise
  • Keep readers focused on your offer, not imagery

By focusing on the offer, you can encourage readers to take action instead of pressing “Delete.”

As you design your emails, make sure you’re using the best email client for Mac computers. Otherwise, you might struggle to design your campaigns.

3. Add In Artificial Intelligence

You’re probably busy running your business. In order to save yourself time and energy, try utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) throughout your email funnels.

AI allows you to automate your email marketing campaigns. With AI, you can ensure customers receive information that’s relevant to their needs when they need it most. Your AI system will learn from the customer’s previous behaviors to determine which actions to take.

By using AI, you can save yourself time and improve your email marketing messages.

4. Focus On Value

What reason do customers have to choose your brand over another? As you start using these email marketing trends, don’t neglect your brand’s overall value.

Focusing on your value will give consumers a reason to trust you over another business. Neglecting that value, however, could cause customers to lose you in the crowd. By focusing on your brand, you can remain authentic and relevant to the customers’ needs.

5. Get Personal

Consumers want to know you care about their individual needs. Today, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work anymore. The people who fit in your target audience aren’t all the same.

To appeal to your customers on a more personal level, start using personalization. First, you’ll need to segment your subscribers into smaller groups. Segmenting subscribers will make it easier for you to craft targeted messages.

Then, develop emails that are personalized with the subscriber’s needs in mind.

For example, let’s say you sell furniture and someone subscribed from the “Couches” page of your website. You can send them emails about the new couches you have in stock. That way, you’re appealing to the subscriber’s needs and leading them toward a purchase.

6. Start Telling Stories

Stories draw people in, spark their interest, and keep them invested. As you start using these email marketing tips, try to utilize the art of brand storytelling.

An ad will make it feel like you’re only out to make a sale. Instead, you can use email marketing to hook readers and get them engaged. Stories are also easier to remember, which can help you generate brand recognition and trust.

Use stories to make an emotional connection with your customers. Once you draw them in, leverage that connection to humanize your brand and encourage sales.

7. Let Video Content Shine

Video content is becoming more popular this year. Ideal for on-the-go audiences, videos are a great way to convey a message quickly while engaging your audience.

You can use videos to inbox products, provide tutorials, or make announcements.

Try adding a video to your next email. Then, study the analytics to see how the video improves your clickthrough rate!

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