October 12, 2021

Eric Kelly

Things to do to resign professionally

People keep searching for ideas to land the job of their dreams. However, they rarely care about understanding the right way of resigning. The fact is that to have a great career, you must know how to resign professionally.

Resigning from a position you have adorned for some time can be stressful. This stands true even if you are tired of serving the company or have got the best possible job you could think of. Still, you must resign professionally to maintain a healthy relationship with your employer and enjoy a good reputation as an employee. Here are a few things you must keep in mind when submitting your resignation.

Stick to the Resignation Regulations of the Company 

Before submitting your resume to a staffing agency in Phoenix, read through the employee manual or your job contract with your existing employer carefully. This will help you to know the likely notice period. For most companies, the notice period ranges from a couple of weeks to a month.

To maintain professional courtesy, you must honor the rule of serving the stated notice period. What’s more, you might end up losing some termination benefits if you don’t abide by the guidelines.

Additionally, if you are joining a competitor of your previous employer, you must first ensure that you are not breaching any clause in your contract by doing so.

Submit Your Resignation Letter in Person

Ideally, you should meet your manager and submit your resignation letter in person. Begin by having a conversation with him/her. Inform him about your decision orally and then submit the letter. You can also meet your manager, inform him about your decision to resign, and then send an official resignation letter to his/her email id.

Never commit the mistake of quitting the job over an email. Such steps can annoy your employer and will spoil your reputation as an employee. Also, don’t forget to thank your manager or boss for giving you the opportunity to serve his company and learn during the process.

Put in Your Best Efforts Even during the Notice Period 

Your decision of quitting the job shouldn’t affect your work ethic. You should put in your best efforts when working for your previous employer until your final day at work. Take necessary steps to ensure that your replacement, colleagues, and clients become completely prepared for your exit. Your departure shouldn’t harm the company’s progress in any way.

Final Words 

Following the tips above will ensure that the process of your resignation will be completed professionally. You’ll be able to try better career options without upsetting your old employer. This, in turn, ensures that you can work for the company again if you get an attractive offer from them in the future.

Before you resign from your existing job, you must find a new job. Resigning without a new job is a big mistake under the current circumstances i.e., when unemployment is one of the biggest crises in the world. Enroll yourself with a reliable staffing agency to make the process of finding a good job simpler.