Internships are great learning opportunities, yet how much a student gains from an internship will be heavily impacted by what they put in. If you’re participating in an ecommerce and tech internship program, it’s smart to step back and consider how you can get the most out of your experience.

Don’t Forget the People Factor

Picking up skills is one of the most important parts of any internship, including those in tech and ecommerce. Cultivating people skills is an especially wise idea as they can pay off throughout your career. It’s wise to meet people, and consider showing up for social opportunities, like company happy hours, when they’re offered.

It’s smart to take time to meet your coworkers around the office. Ask questions, about their job, of course, but you may also be able to strengthen relationships by asking about interests and other things. Establishing relationships could lead to a more enjoyable personal experience as well.

A Positive Approach is Often the Best Approach

Enthusiasm can be infectious and while internships are all about learning, organizations will often let interns take on more challenging projects, if they’re enthusiastic and up to the task. This means you can learn more, earn great references, and perhaps line up a job after you graduate.

The workplace can be challenging, but a positive approach can make burdens more bearable, not just for you, but for your coworkers as well. Further, engaged workers tend to be the most productive, and that’ll prove true for interns as well. Consider that the Workplace Research Foundation uncovered that engaged employees are nearly 40 percent more likely to enjoy above-average productivity.

Find the Right Techie Internship

Engagement is crucial, as pointed out in the last section. One way to increase engagement is to find an internship opportunity that excites you. Finding a great internship often means going beyond just a company’s reputation. Silicon Valley tech giants offer some of the most sought-after internship programs, but you may find working with a startup or SME more engaging and interesting.

Medium-sized firms that are already generating considerable revenues often offer the best mix of both worlds. They’ll typically have the resources to ensure that interns get a great experience. Many medium-sized companies also afford more flexibility and room to grow. Looking for options? Folks with an interest in tech should consider Rokt internships and the like.

Also, pay close attention to company culture and what’s the right culture for your success. Some folks enjoy more laid-back environments. Others, however, may excel in a button-down environment. There’s no single right answer when it comes to company culture, what’s important is finding the right fit for you.

An Organized Intern Gets Things Done

Oftentimes, working in tech and eCommerce can feel like herding cats. As you work hard to get one project in order, other tasks could wander away. Next thing you know, it’s the end of the week and you realize you’ve still got a lot of stuff that needs to be done. Organized interns often get the most done and stay on top of their tasks.

Need help staying organized? One simple thing to do is set up a checklist with all the stuff you need to get done along with due dates. A checklist may seem a bit old school, and there are more advanced options available, but simple solutions can still do wonders for disorganized interns.

Communicate With Advisors and Supervisors

There’s no one-size fits all method for ensuring a great internship experience. That’s why it’s smart for interns to communicate with the relevant advisors and supervisors within the company and school. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, these folks can provide advice and perhaps open doors.