The Valley’s leading economic development directors are working with state and regional leaders to bring additional high-quality jobs to the Valley to secure Arizona’s long-term employment base.  This month, Valley Partnership is bringing together the leading economic development directors of three major cities who will share what makes a great “catch” for their city and how these employers’ impact trickles down into other market sectors, including real estate.  These directors have helped to bring companies like Apple, Galvanize and State Farm in recent years. 

What/When: Valley Partnership Friday Morning Breakfast on Friday, September 22 at 7:30am (Program begins)

Where:Phoenix Country Club, 2901 N. 7th St, Phoenix

Registration: Members: $50 / Non-Members $75 / Onsite add $10

Panel:   Christine Mackay, Economic Development Director, City of Phoenix; Bill Jabjiniak, Economic Development Director, City of Mesa; Michelle Lawrie, Economic Development Director, City of Goodyear. Panel will be moderated by Jerry Roberts, Senior Vice President of CBRE.