Career platform startup has expanded its capabilities to support small and medium-sized recruiting business’ diversity and inclusion initiatives by partnering with TalVista, a company whose software can help remove bias throughout the hiring process.

“Diversity is a hot topic for companies large and small, requiring them to be focused on fair and equal recruiting practices,” said LT Ladino Bryson, CEO and Founder of “Our partnership with TalVista gives enterprise level tools to independent recruiters and small search firms looking to deliver a more inclusive candidate pool to their clients,” said Ladino Bryson. is an exclusive and confidential subscription platform for recruiting professionals and candidates who are seeking an alternative hiring solution. Created by recruiters, offers a variety of unique features not found in traditional online job search solutions. Whether a candidate is searching for a new career or an individual recruiter is looking for a candidate they will discover is a refreshing alternative to traditional online job search activities including uploading a resume and repeating submission information each time a candidate submits an application. allows candidates to include their personality profile, references powered by SkillSurvey and background checks powered by Checkr. These and other tools coupled with unlimited search and communication capabilities are provided to recruiters prior to screening the candidate which can expedite the screening process.

“Combining TalVista’s debiasing capabilities in the job description, resume screen, and interview process empowers recruiters to submit candidates to their clients with greater gender, racial, and ethnicity diversity,” commented Scot Sessions, CEO and co-founder of  TalVista. Sessions further shared, “in order to attract a more diverse candidate pool you have to start at the top of the recruiting funnel with a job description that is inviting to all types of people; female, male, black, white, Latin, Asian, straight or gay.”

TalVista’s diversity recruiting suite  helps improve the diversity among the candidate pool  and helps hiring managers make a consciously inclusive hiring decision based on candidate skills and experience rather than on gender or the color of the candidates skin or even the school the candidate attended. “Adding TalVista’s diversity products like Job Description Optimization, Blind Resume Review and Structured Interview Guides to our platform will assist in gaining the interest of a more diverse candidate pool and provide  a stronger ROI for those who use our subscription based recruiting services,” stated Ladino Bryson.

Prequalified recruiters pay a subscription of $299 per month to access prescreened candidates, submitting them job opportunities and engage them throughout the hiring process.  TalVista’s tools are available to recruiters for an additional low monthly cost. “The TalVista recruiting suite, a SaaS platform, is for any recruiter with a drive to improve their diversity recruiting and hiring,” said Sessions. These tools give recruiters  the ability to compete in a very crowded marketplace.

Current industry leaders have in-house recruiting services that box out those recruiting professionals whose services offer a more human approach to recruiting. is the perfect alternative for recruiters who pay for subscriptions that are sold to recruiters and enterprise clients. This partnership will give the SMB recruiters, ranging from 1 to 20, a competitive edge and the ability to use robust enterprise tools.