Are you looking for options for insuring your car? , what are the many benefits of keeping your vehicle safe and your integrity? All these questions have an answer, it depends on what kind of car insurance you decide to take out.

With this content, you can know the different types of coverages to get the policy right for you.

In Mexico, insurers offer a minimum of three types of automobile insurance:

1. Liability Coverage

2. Limited Coverage

3. Broad Form Coverage

In some cases, there are other exclusive types of coverage that provide more comprehensive and specialized protection like “Broad Form Premium”, but the main options are the coverages mentioned above.

What benefits does auto insurance provide?

The main contrast between one coverage and the other is the number of benefits and aids in case of an accident. Meanwhile, the basic coverage has only covered damage for injuries and property damage to others, other broad options have other types of assistance like collision insurance, medical payment coverage, etc.

In one of the most important quotes in Mexico, you can find different types of car insurance coverage, so that you are protected from the unexpected.

Knowing how the types of car insurance work and what they cover:

Liability Coverage: This policy is obligatory in most Mexican cities as a legal requirement to drive a car, it could cover damage for injuries and property damage to others.

Limited coverage: In addition to the legal requirement of liability insurance, you have medical payments, total theft, and legal and roadside assistance.

Broad Form Coverage: This option extends beyond the basic coverage and also has the benefits of liability and limited coverage, you have access to advantages such as glass insurance, property damage, total or partial theft, and others according to the insurers.

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How much does car insurance cost in Mexico?

The cost of your car insurance depends on the type of cover contract, if your policy has a lot of benefits is likely that the cost will be high. For that, we recommended you before choosing the coverage option, you can consider the available budget.

To know more about the cost of policies car insurance you can use a comparador de seguros to get valuable information and then choose the best option of protection for you.

Then, we share a comparative average cost of auto insurance for types of coverage agreements with a top-selling model of car in 2022:

Car insurance prices can vary depending on a number of factors, including where you live, your age, gender, car model, car make, and other factors.

The main goal of the insurers in creating different types of car insurance is to offer protection plans for many kinds of budgets and requirements. Remember that having car insurance is a legal obligation in most of Mexico, so choose the coverage that fits you.