A truck accident is one of those dreadful events no one wants to experience. However, if, due to unforeseen circumstances, you or your loved one suffered injuries resulting from an accident by an accident related to a truck, you may be struggling to identify your next steps. A truck accident lawyer can help you pinpoint liable parties in the accident, hater evidence, set up negotiations with the insurance, interview witnesses, as well bring the case to trial when needed.

In essence, a truck accident lawyer can oversee every area pertinent to your case while you have enough time for recovery or taking care of an injured loved one.

Identifying the liable parties in a truck accident case

Accidents involving trucks tend to be trickier and more intricate than normal vehicles. Sometimes, one may be made to believe that only the driver is liable for the accident. Meanwhile, there may be several parties who are liable or whom you can hold accountable for yet losses. Such parties may include truck manufacturers, drivers, shipping companies, insurance, and many more. Sometimes, the failure of a part in the truck might be the causal factor for the accident, and as such, both the manufacturer and the trucking company hold a part of the liability to this type of case. Now, it is the responsibility of your personal injury attorney to determine the liable parties for a specific case and ensure that they are held responsible by appropriate lawsuits.

Developing a compelling case

Again, you don’t have to worry about the stress of building a claim that you can present to the insurance, neither do you have to worry about bringing your case before the jury in the court. These attorneys can help you oversee them all so you can focus more on recovering.

Firstly, they perform thorough investigations and collate evidence relevant to your case, including pictures, videos, and witness interviews as well as police reports. In addition, your legal representative also oversees the careful compilation of expenses and bills pertaining to the injury alongside other credible documents that can establish any form of loss. Next, identify potential liabilities, and set up a negotiation with insurance for reasonable compensations. And suppose the insurance is bent on not settling, they present the case to a court.

Therefore, you don’t have to battle insurance firms individually for your deserved compensation. Your lawyers can handle the insurance by filing every pertinent document so you can have more time for the personal or recovery of loved ones.

Proving your Case

Of course, deep within you, you know the accident isn’t your fault. But sadly the court doesn’t recognize conviction unbacked by evidence. As such, you must prove this. For cases such as this, there are four fundamental components of negligence. An individual who is involved and injured by a truck in an accident must provide proof that

  • The driver owed the individual a duty of care by driving safely
  • Duty of care was violated by the truck driver
  • The breach of care resulted in injuries
  • Losses and damages were suggested resulting from those injuries

In these cases, the compensations you may access usually fall under two basic classes of non-economic and economic. Economic compensations include settlements for damages relating to medical costs, income loss, and property damage. On the other hand, the non-economic form includes settlements for suffering and pain, mental and psychological trauma, etc.