When you need to reach someone over legal matters but they seem to be avoiding contact, it can be hard to notify them of what’s happening. There are some documents in which the individual must legally receive it in person, and if they are avoiding you, that can be difficult to achieve.

Luckily, that’s not your only option, as Judiciary Process Servers can help you achieve just that. As posting the documents aren’t an option and the individual needs to receive them themselves, it’s best to pick a legal representative to handle it for you.

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What they do

They understand that problems can be hard to solve if you aren’t able to get through to the target recipient, and you have better ways to spend your time than chase someone up with a legal document. Our goal is to help you achieve that by finding a way to have them accept the document as required.

Often visiting the home of the individual is necessary to be able to hand it to them in person, but if they’re avoiding contact within their home, their place of employment is another possible location.

Process servers are here to help individuals, lawyers, and businesses alike. Those who are trying to avoid justice and court through denial will no longer be able to rely on claims that they never received the documents.

If there’s not much time left before the document needs to be served to the individual, servers might be a lot more aggressive with their methods and tracking down the individual to hand them the document.

Sometimes tracking the individual can be difficult, and if they have moved and you don’t have access to their current address; you’re not going to be able to get the summons to them. With their skip trace investigations, they can help you to locate the individual trying to dodge their legal responsibility.

Why it’s necessary

Oftentimes when there are court cases underway, people might attempt to flee the notice so that they do not legally have to attend. If they do that, it can delay the case and cause a lot of trouble when trying to bring them to justice.

If an individual is avoiding being given their legal documents, which is a legal requirement when it comes to such scenarios, then it can be hard to pin them to their legal responsibilities. If the target individual were to receive the document in the mail, they could deny that they ever received it; and judges have been known to throw out cases due to this. Cases have also been thrown out thanks to other complications, which is why a lot of servers are careful to record their whole process to make sure they have fully undertaken their legal responsibility.

If you’re a landlord and one of your tenants breaks the contract, then you’ll need to summon them to court to find them legally responsible. If they avoid receiving the summons, you’ll have trouble getting justice.