For homeowners, the responsibilities are endless. Everything from mortgage to renovation to cleaning is the homeowner’s responsibility. Every home is comprised of a network of systems that work together to protect the household members. When some consumers sign the closing documents for their homes, they do not have maintenance in mind. They are more focused on moving into their dream home. It is unfortunate when maintenance is overshadowed by the excitement of being a new homeowner. Contrary to belief every new home sold is not without issues. Even newly built homes can have issues, which become the responsibility of the new owners.

Home Maintenance Is Important

Everyone should be aware of the components that make up their homes. Each component plays a role in providing the occupants with a safe shelter. The goal for most people is to extend the service life of their homes, which is not possible without routine maintenance. Cleaning and decorating are not enough to ensure the maximum longevity of your home.

Which Home Systems Need The Most Maintenance?

Every system that makes up your home needs to be well-maintenance. There are some systems that require maintenance more often than others. One example is the roofing system, which is exposed to external elements every second of the day and night. A residential roofing system is much than just shingles. The system is comprised of the drip edge, soffit, vent pipe, flashing, felt underlayment, sheathing, gable, collar beam, rafter, decking, and shingles or metal sheeting.

The system also consists of gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks. These components are oftentimes ignored during a routine maintenance project. Do you know the importance of your home’s gutter system? If not, you need to find out because this is why some homeowners tend to ignore their gutters until they are fully clogged.

What Is The Result Of A Gutter Clog?

Gutters are exposed to some very dangerous elements, including UV rays, sleet, hail, and heavy rainfall. Depending on the location of your home, the gutters may also be exposed to fallen debris from trees and shrubs. Fallen leaves, branches, and twigs have to go somewhere. If they do not land on the top of your roof, they will end up in the gutters. Every time the wind blows, trees lose leaves and/or branches. Over time, the debris will clog your gutters, resulting in rainwater backflow.

When rainwater backflows, it is pushed into different areas of the roofing system. If the rain continues to fall, the water will puddle up below underneath the gutter system. Again, the water must go somewhere, which is how it ends up damaging your home’s foundation.

The experts at Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Kansas City will sit down with you to discuss a maintenance strategy for your home.


Your gutter system is crucial for the integrity of your home’s roofing system and foundation. When they are clogged, these systems are at risk of being damaged by rainwater backflow. Routine cleaning is the only way to ensure your gutters are working at their full potential.