April 16, 2021

Contributing writer

Why you may not get hired in 2021

“Sorry we can’t hire you.” Harsh? No, it’s not. Recruiters spend just about seconds sieving CVs of applicants. Many get lost in the process and are stuck on finding a job always. There are some reasons that your New Year dream of getting a job may not be fulfilled. If you still don’t know yet, then here you have them.

Shabby CV

Recruiters select candidates 8 out of 10 times based on their Curriculum Vitae. Unfortunately, most applicants don’t get it right with their CVs. The routine is to see a job application, reach out to their data storage and throw in the application. It just doesn’t work that way. Well, you can throw in your CV and have it thrown out for you again. Your CV has to show relevant skills that indicate you as a qualified candidate for the hiring position. It’s not a one-for-all page that you use for every job application that comes your way. The secret to getting your dream job is knowing that your CV culture determines how fast you get a job.

Unmatched skills

Many applicants don’t do a careful background study of the role and company they’re applying to. This results in less knowledge of the role, the company, and the industry. A political science graduate vast in principles of political economy may not be the best candidate for the communication officer role he’s applying to. But, if he’s able to position his skills in relevance to the role, then the odds may favor him. Getting hired involves identifying the required roles for the job and positioning yourself to offer value in that capacity.

Unprofessional outlook

Recruiters do a quick website check on robust platforms like Signalhire to assess applicants. When a recruiter gets to your LinkedIn page and it’s not optimized, you should know you’re pulling yourself away from getting the job. No hiring manager will offer you a role in the 21st century when you can’t perfectly present yourself on social/professional platforms.


Not getting adequate experience gets you locked under the radar in getting the job. Recruiters in most cases choose a candidate with matching skills and relevant experience. Experience matters because it gets the job done. A software developer applicant with a diploma in software engineering may get hired over an applicant with a bachelor’s in software engineering because of experience. In the race to get your dream job, experience counts you in or out. You must get real professional experiences. You may have to opt for unpaid internships to get the experience. That’s what makes you unique among the crowd.

Generic application

You may not get hired in 2021 if you still apply to different roles and companies with the same CV. Not upgrading your CV is a pointer to the fact that you’re not mentally prepared for the job. Hiring managers will pick a prepared candidate over an unprepared applicant. You should know the job isn’t close to you if you still find it difficult to get a professional CV and cover letter submitted for jobs.

The race to getting hired is competitive. It’s 9 times easier to get lost in the race than get the job. However, with the right positioning, CV, and relevant cover letter, you’re a step closer to your dream job in 2021.