We only get one life. While this is mostly the ultimate prompt that pushes us to take that extra mile, this is also a thing to remember when we are risking our lives in the name of adventure.

However, this doesn’t imply that we should focus on living a sober life and give up on the adrenaline rush, but it definitely means that we should always be extra cautious when getting into a risky business. And one such risky business is any kind of water adventure sports!

Scuba diving, surfing, or even swimming – all of these could prove to be really life-threatening if we involve ourselves in these unprepared. That is why it is always necessary to be equipped with a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) like a life jacket.

In fact, stats have it – it is estimated that life jackets aloof could have saved more than 80% of the boating fatality victims! But how do you choose one for yourself? Well, here’s presenting 4 tips to tick-mark while choosing the perfect life jacket:

1. Size and fittings

The first and the most important tip to consider. Trust me, wearing a piece of cloth that does not fit you properly is still fine, but you must not compromise on the fittings when it comes to a PFD. Size and fittings play a very important role in deciding whether the life jacket is appropriate for you or not.

Make sure that the life jacket is entirely of your size. It should not be loose under any condition because a firm grip is very important in the case of PFDs. If it doesn’t fit you well, it will become very uncomfortable to handle. And, obviously, dangerous too.

2. Standards

Tip number two, and an extremely essential one. PFD and life jackets come in multiple varieties and we shall discuss them later here. But do you know, they also must be approved for safety reasons? Yes, you heard that right.

There are multiple standards that a life jacket must possess in order to become usable. If it lacks any of the prescribed standards, then you must not consider buying it. And every country has its own set of standards for PFDs and life jackets.

For instance, in the case of the US, it is mandatory for a life jacket to be United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved. In any case, otherwise, the life jacket is considered unsafe.

3. Automatic or Manual

No, we are not joking. There actually are two types of life jackets – automatic and manual. Manual ones have to be operated differently than the automatic ones. In the case of manual life jackets, you have to pull a cord in order to inflate the life jacket when drowning.

Whereas, the automatic life jacket automatically inflates itself when you enter the water. For kids, automatic life jackets are imperative because depending on cords in one such adverse situation can prove risky. But for adults, manual life jackets can also serve the purpose.

4. Type of activity

Well, well! Last but never least, you must not forget to keep the type of activity in mind before going to select a life jacket for you. The reason why, different types of PFDs are suggested for different activities. So, must consider the occasion before bagging a life jacket.

For instance, if you are going Kayaking or Canoeing, you will need a life jacket that has a cut around the shoulder and the arms. For swimming, you will need at least a 50N PFD.

Hence, do not disregard this essential tip when going to buy a life jacket. Remember, the occasion matters a lot more than you think.

Over to you…

Choosing a life jacket that fits all your purposes needs to be done very carefully. Here, we cited 4 tips to choose the perfect life jacket. Read this guide and make sure you make the most out of the purchase.