Do you lust for more time during the weekend? Depressed that you only have two days to chill out or get what you want done? The five-day-work-week is on its way out, among other old and tired workplace trends including open floor plans and pre-employment drug testing.

Indeed, some trends change quickly in the workplace, while others remain for decades. This is 2019 after all, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that emotional support animals are a “thing” in the workplace now. The airlines allow the furry friends, so why not the office? That is one of five trends you’ll find in workplaces now, and the movement toward these trends is only growing. Electric car-charging stations? Check. Wearable technology for fitness? Check.

The editors at, the digital business publication, analyzed data from several sources including Bloomberg, the 2019 SHRM Benefits Report, and the National Institute of Mental Health, among others, to determine the most up-to-the-minute workplace trends that are heating up offices right now. These trends are sure to get even hotter in the years to come. You can find the full report HERE.


#1. Unlimited Paid Time Off
#2. Pre-Employment Drug Testing
#3. Onsite Childcare
#4. 9-to-5 Work Week
#5. Open Floorplan offices


#1. Emotional Support Animals in the Workplace
#2. Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
#3. AI in the Office
#4. Wearable Fitness and Safety Technology
#5. Onsite Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

“Trends that once seemed dreamy-like unlimited PTO — were less-than-satisfying once they got implemented,” says Sarah Wright-Killinger, Managing Editor, Fit Small Business. “It’s no surprise then that the ‘office’ workplace of open floor plans and a nine-to-five work week is fading away quickly too,” she added.