Did you know that 34% of employees think their managers are unethical?

More Americans are finding work right now, which is good news. The bad news? We may not be behaving ourselves while we’re there. Reports of workplace-ethics lapses are dropping slightly as backlash against those who speak out is rising – and there are more ominous signs on the horizon.

We invite you to view this infographic that highlights the current state of business ethics in the U.S. and offers tips for business owners to clean up their organization. Here are a few facts:

  • 1 in 2: Employees that have seen misconduct in the office
  • 1 in 5: Whistleblowers say they have faced some form of retaliation, up from just 12% five years ago (see the top five forms of retaliation in the graphic)
  • 42%: Employees who say their company’s ethics cultures are weak

business ethics infographic

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Infographic Credits, courtesy of Bolt Insurance:

Source: BoltInsurance.com