The recruitment process is the first real feel an employee has of a company and therefore impacts their broader workplace experience. And whilst recent research by Deloitte has proven business leaders struggle to recruit new talent, it seems businesses are adopting more unorthodox methods to assess applicants.

The latest popular hiring activities include escape rooms, capture the flag and professional speed dating; with new “sports” tasks including cooperative board gaming, glow golf and laser tag.

And considering office sports teams are ranked as the fourth most popular office perk (Perkbox’s The Great Perk Search Report), it seems pre-sporting tasks is beginning to take shape among employers.

As a result, surveyed 1,456 companies from a variety of industries to establish how many businesses are keen to implement sporty recruitment methods when finding fresh talent, and the type of skills each activity highlights.

Glow Golf

54% of companies would be interested in using Glow Golf to assess applicants.

What is it? : Glow Golf is essentially crazy golf but in the dark. The only areas lit are the course and the golf ball when under UV lights. It is an offshoot; focusing solely on the putting aspect of golf.

Benefits of using it? : Many activities pit people against each other, favouring those that are extroverted or athletic. Glow golf, levels out the playing field, allowing you to gain insight into a candidate’s character and their interactions with peers with an out-of-the-ordinary activity.

What skills does it assess?:
Strategy, Personality, Ambition, Communication and Confidence.

Cooperative Board Gaming

68% of companies would be interested in using Cooperative Board Gaming to assess applicants.

What is it? : Cooperative board gaming requires a team of players to compete together against the game itself. It is impossible to win the game without team-work – you either win as a team or lose as a team.

Benefits of using it?: Introducing the concept of ‘gamification’ into your recruitment process allows you to test the engagement level of your candidate(s), collaboration and communication whilst applying basic principles and metrics of a simulated reality. Examples of cooperative board games include ‘Pandemic’, ‘Mysterium’ and ‘Forbidden Island’.

What skills does it assess?:
Problem solving, Time management, Critical thinking, Logical reasoning and Communication.

Laser Tag

73% of companies would be interested in using Laser Tag to assess applicants.

What is it?
Laser Tag is a light-hearted, fun and fast-paced game, where teams compete to ‘take out’ the competition in a combat style scenario.

Benefits of using it? Using Laser Tag can provide extra depth when evaluating potential candidates. It allows a company to see an individual’s communication and teamwork skills when in action. Moreover, those with an aptitude for leadership positions can showcase their abilities to plan, strategise, delegate, and motivate.

What skills does it assess?
Communication, Team-work, Strategy, Delegation and Leadership.

Gary Swift, Managing Director of commented: “In the backdrop of a turbulent economic climate, businesses are under more pressure than ever to ensure the talent they hire is not only competent but can significantly contribute towards the growth of the business. Unfortunately, the standard recruitment method of going through CV’s and then, carrying out interviews/assessments has become out-dated. The rise and use of unorthodox recruitment methods such as glow golf has been met with open arms by a lot of the business community. Primarily because individuals can display a range of core competencies such as team-work and communication in a more fun and relaxed environment. Likewise, it puts individuals at ease, eliminating the anxiety and tension which some one-to-one interviews and assessments present.”