September 29th is every coffee lover’s favorite day: National Coffee Day. So what better day to hit the town and try out a new brew? Here is a list of coffee shops to visit on National Coffee day. Check out a new one or go coffee-shop-hopping to make a fun day of it.

Hash Kitchen

Hash Kitchen has “Coffee with a kick.” They’ve got all the classic coffee drinks, regular, cappuccino, french press and more, but they also offer spiked caffeine drinks, CBD Cold Brew Cocktails, a litany of bloody mary varieties, mimosas and other adult beverages. Hash Kitchen has four Valley locations.

The Sicillian Baker

The Silician Baker has a full espresso bar and a build-your-own cannoli bar. Does any more need to be said for an exciting National Coffee Day? They also create a variety of unique  drinks, such as a salted caramel mocha, Nutella latte and honey nut macchiato which pair perfectly with an Italian flag cookie, napoleon, iris, or any of their other pastries. The Sicilian Baker has two Valley locations in Phoenix and Chandler.


Zinqué is a low-key French-style restaurant in Scottsdale. Have a Gibraltar or a Cortado while trying out a new dish, such as a Prosciutto and Gruyère Croissant, Canelé or other French-style food. Zinqué also has a very open, well lit style, perfect for a coffee or food Instagram post.

AT Oasis Coffee & Tea

Oasis’s coffee is imported from Ethiopia, and the owner, Aisha Tedros, personally tastes every crop for quality control. The interior is decorated with many items from Africa which provides many unique photo opportunities. Their ginger coffee or cold brew is a must-try, and many items in the bakery go well with the coffee.

Peixoto Coffee Roasters

Peixoto Coffee Roasters is another company that imports their beans. They grow all of their coffee beans on a fully sustainable farm in the highlands of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It’s from these imported beans that they make all of their coffee. They haven’t reopened their doors yet, but you can curbside pick up one of their espressos, coldbrews, or any other of their signature coffees. You can also purchase a bag of their imported Brazilian coffee.

Provision Coffee

Provision Coffee’s outdoor patio is the perfect place to enjoy your brew and get some unique pictures for Instagram. For National Coffee Day, you could try their Honey Lavender Latte, Habanero Mocha or a Southwest Sunrise. Plus they’ve got all the classics and some fancy teas too.

Songbird Coffee and Tea House

Songbird is a staple of downtown Phoenix and for a good reason. They’re housed in a repurposed house which brings an at-home, rustic feel to hanging out there. Currently, only outdoor seating is available, but it’s still a fun place to check out on National Coffee day. You can try their specially made pour over, one of their flavored on-tap cold brews or one of their more than 25 options of loose leaf tea.

Coronado PHX

The Coronado is special because it is a vegetarian/vegan coffee shop and has a dog-friendly patio! You can get some pics with your coffee and your puppy. Try their cold brew lemonade, drip coffee, chai or their signature brown sugar lemonade along with any of their vegetarian/vegan food options such as their Cali Asada burrito, mushroom asada tacos, or chimichanga.

Infusion Coffee and Tea

Infusion has a very chill and fun vibe, and they have a window into some of their roasting rooms so you can see the coffee-making process as it’s happening. You can sip on one of their dozens of varieties of coffee or tea, with beans and leaves coming from all over the world.

WhereUBean Coffee

WhereUBean is very passionate about their coffee, and in their shop they have paintings from local artists to showcase the talent of their hometown. Try out their cubano, breve or flat white.

Tres Leches Cafe

Tres Leches is a locally owned Mexican coffee shop with “cultural twists” – many of its drinks and flavors are inspired by those from Mexican culture. Try one of their signature coffees, such as a café de Frida, tres aztecas latte or café horchata. (They’ve also got a secret menu, so check out the vanilla y canela if you want to scope it out.)

Enroute Coffee & Teahouse

Here’s one for if you’re out in Goodyear: Enroute is a locally owned coffee shop. They teamed up with a few other local establishments to provide fresh coffee and tasty baked goods daily. Check out one of their specialty drinks, like their Lucky Charms Latte, or get a classic.