We all are going through tough times during this COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not just the fear of this viral disease that is lurking around us all the time, in fact, this self-quarantine period isn’t clearly easy either.

Staying home all day, locked up, not being able to go outside, not being able to eat in a fancy restaurant, or workout at a gym, it’s all difficult. But at the same time, it’s the responsibility of each one of us to deal with this crisis wisely and follow self-quarantine strictly. This is the only way to get rid of this situation as soon as possible.

Now that you are here today, it’s clear that you’ve reached the peak of frustration, and you want to know the things you can do to cope with quarantine. Well, if that’s what you are here for then, this absolutely is the right place.

Here are the 10 best things you should do to make the best out of self-quarantine period;

1- Learn A New Language

It’s not necessary for all of you to do this but if you are someone who always wanted to learn Spanish, French or some other such language then now is the time to do that. There were days when people complained about not having enough time for these “extra” activities. But now, we’ve got plenty of time, and this is the right opportunity for you to take advantage of it. You can opt for an online language course and learn the language that you’ve always wanted to.

2- Watch Movies

If you are extremely frustrated or if you are about to reach that peak, then watch movies. It’s not possible that you wouldn’t love the idea of a good movie that fixes up your mood or distracts you from the whole situation, right? If yes, then go to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or some other free websites and watch your heart out.

3- Exercise

One thing that we all are worried about is coming out of quarantine with gained weight. Well, we know that there’s no gym that you can head to, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise at home? In fact, now is the time to focus on your body and workout as much as you can. You can even opt for pre-workout supplements to help you boost your body’s energy and build muscles with a lean body just like the one you always wanted.

4- Read Books

If you are a book lover, you can never run short of books! It’s ok if you can’t go out to buy a novel or some self-help book because the internet is the best thing you can use here. You can download PDFs of some of the most popular books on the internet and enjoy reading them.

5- Start Blogging

For someone who has always been passionate about writing, you can start a blog during self-quarantine. It’s the best time to get productive with your writing skills and use them to pursue your passion.

6- Skincare

Your skin needs your attention, but unfortunately, with all the busy routine chores, people never find out the time for it. However, now that you are locked up and have plenty of time to spare, you can start focusing on making your skin better. Use products like vegetables etc, use home remedies to treat your skin conditions (if any). Just make a skincare routine and follow it strictly so that when you are out, you can shock people with all that glow and shine.

7- Eat Healthy

Yes, it’s true that some people might end up with their tummies out as they’ll be staying home, doing nothing at all. But as said earlier, it all depends on you and how you are going to spend all this free time. You can start eating healthy by preparing healthy meals at home. It won’t just help you stay fit, but it also will come in handy in boosting your immune system, which is a must with the worldwide Corona disease taking over people’s lives.

8- Get A Haircut

Cut your hair or get a haircut by anyone of your family members. When all the beauty salons and the haircut shops are closed, you can still learn some tricks on the internet and try it yourself. Even if the haircut goes wrong, you still have plenty of time to grow your hair back and look just like you used to.

9- Spend Time With Children

You need to understand that just like you, even the kids are frustrated and bored during this period, and you have to be there for them. This is the right time to spend with your family and your loved ones. Focus on your children, play with them, watch movies, and spend as much time as you can. This can help you bond with your little kids, on the whole, another level.

10- Clean The House

Have you ever thought about cleaning that store in your house that’s full of unnecessary things laced with dust? Well, we know you’ve thought about cleaning it several times, but there was no time and energy back then. Now that you are free, you can utilize this time to clean the house and get rid of all the unnecessary things.


These are the 10 best things you should do during self-quarantine. Make a checklist for each day or for a week and then follow it accordingly. Believe it or not, you can make the best out of these days and fix all that you’ve wanted to but never got the time to.

Annie Khan is a freelance writer who offers guest writing, copywriting and blogging services. She is currently writing product reviews and buying guides on ReviewsTook.