In a survey of 1,000 people, 50% said they make their bed in the morning while 50% said they do not.

Out of the ones who make their beds, 74% say they feel accomplished by the end of the day compared to 50% of the ones who do not make their beds. What’s more, 21% of those who make their beds say they start work right away rather than procrastinate.

Do you regularly make your bed in the mornings? How about bed decor and styling with comfy pillows?

Not sure how to style a bed with pillows? Making your bed in the morning and styling it with a comforter and pillows can make your room look put together and inviting.

Want to learn more? Check out this article for 11 tips to style a bed with pillows.

1. Five-Pillow Arrangement

If you want to start with a simple pillow arrangement, you can decorate your bed with five pillows. This includes three rows of pillows.

Starting from the back, against the headboard, you can place two standard pillows. Then, you place two euro pillows in the second row. Finally, the third row will have a decorative pillow, such as a lumbar pillow.

2. Six-Pillow Arrangement

Alternatively, you can do something similar to the five-pillow arrangement, but you would add two decorative pillows in the front row instead of one.

This arrangement would include two sleeping pillows against the headboard, two Euro pillows, and two decorative pillows.

You can also always switch up the order. You can do euro pillows first against the headboard, then standard, then decorative pillows.

3. Two-Pillow Arrangement

For minimalists, you can do a simple two-pillow arrangement. Maybe you’d rather not have to deal with making the bed with several pillows. This is also an option for smaller beds, such as twin beds.

This simple arrangement includes a sleeping pillow against the headboard, as well as a decorative pillow.

4. Three-Pillow Arrangement

Another idea for smaller beds is a three-pillow arrangement. This includes one standard pillow against the headboard then two decorative pillows.

5. Seven- or Eight-Pillow Arrangement

If you have a large bed, you can do a more opulent pillow arrangement with seven or even eight pillows.

Maybe you love the luxurious look of pillows. Or maybe you tried an arrangement with five or six pillows, but you feel like it needs something more.

For a king-sized bed, you can decorate with two king-sized pillows against the headboard, three euro pillows in the middle, then either two or three decorative pillows in the front row.

6. Place Pillows Horizontally or Vertically

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to standard pillow arrangements. You can also play around by stacking some of your pillows vertically instead of horizontally. You might prefer the look of this more relaxed style.

7. Choose a Color Scheme

It may be overwhelming when shopping for decorative pillows. Maybe you’ve been wanting to re-decorate your bedroom. You can start by choosing a color scheme and choosing decor items based on that color scheme.

8. Use Fewer Pillows for Smaller Headboards

Generally, the taller or more prominent the headboard, the more pillows you can decorate with. Also, the taller the headboard, the bigger the pillows you can use.

With a taller headboard, you can use more pillows and larger-sized pillows so that at least the top of the headboard is showing. With shorter headboards, you don’t want to use so many pillows that the headboard is completely covered.

9. More Pillows for Bigger Beds

Wondering how many pillows on a bed? You can use more pillows with bigger-sized beds, such as king or queen.

For smaller beds, such as twin-sized ones, you might want to use fewer pillows. You want your pillow arrangement to stand out, but you don’t want it to overwhelm your whole bed.

10. Change Things up Seasonally

The fun thing about pillows is that you can change things up easily. With a comforter or other larger bedroom decoration, it would be too expensive to constantly have to buy new items to change up your bedroom decor.

With pillows, you can change up your bedroom by switching out the pillow covers. You can change things up with new prints, patterns, or colors.

Pillows come in all sorts of sizes, colors, or themes. At, you can even customize pillows with a photo.

11. Pillow Storage

Wondering where to put all your pillows when it’s time to go to sleep? You can get a storage basket or a storage bench by your bed. When it’s time for bed, you can simply throw the pillows into the storage system.

Or, you can also toss the pillows on the floor. You’ll be sleeping anyway. When you wake up in the morning, you can make it a habit to make your bed and arrange the pillows back on your bed.

This way, you’ll wake up in the morning feeling accomplished with a good-looking bed arrangement.

Final Tips for How to Style a Bed With Pillows

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It’s where you start your day and gain energy to start your morning. It’s also the place you go to rest and relax after a long day.

You can make your bedroom more inviting and comfy by decorating your bed with a beautiful, cozy pillow arrangement.

With the above tips, you can get some inspiration for how to style a bed with pillows. Want to learn more home decor tips? Check out more articles in our lifestyle section.