National Take a Hike Day (November 17) is coming up just in time for Arizona’s beautiful fall weather, and while Arizona is known for its beautiful hikes, many people tend to stick to the same few hiking destinations. This year, we encourage you to explore the beauty of the Superstition Mountains near our little town of Tortilla Flat.

Here are our top picks, offering easy trails up to strenuous ones in the Superstition Mountains, so there’s something for everyone. When you’re done, just make sure to head over to Tortilla Flat’s Superstition Restaurant & Saloon for a cold beer and a burger!

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Hackberry Spring Loop (Easy)

3.8 mi

Hackberry Springs Loop is a 3.8-mile scenic path with a good mixture of terrain, full of ups and downs great for hiking, running and nature walks. Just keep in mind, during the rainy season there are rivers you will have to cross. We recommend hiking this trail clockwise for the best experience. This trail is relatively easy to hike, but moderately difficult if you take the wrong turn off trail. Always download a map for reference! This is also a great trail to bring your dog on.

Canyon Lake Trail (Moderate)

14.5 mi

Canyon Lake Trail is a 14.5 mile, moderately trafficked hike that offers stunning views of Canyon Lake. It is a long hike but not too difficult. However, we recommend trying this one out during Arizona’s cooler months. The first few miles in makes for a healthy hike that eventually levels out and turns to a decline. During spring the trail is full of flowers. You might also see lots of wildlife, including horses, through this area that loops around the lake.

Boulder Canyon Trail (Difficult)

8.7 mi

Want a good workout? This nearly 9-mile trail is a great, but somewhat strenuous, hike with a gorgeous, peaceful scenery that’s perfect for experienced hikers. It starts at a moderate grade, then snakes down and around, then takes you back up to hover over the Boulder Creek area, making for a great view! Just be sure to bring lots of water because the hike back up from the creek bed will make you thirsty!


Chris Field is director of operations for Tortilla Flat. For more information on Tortilla Flat, visit or follow on Facebook.