Recently, as Arizona’s weather fluctuates from warm to cool spontaneously, allergy season seems like it’s right around the corner! Although the weather is nice, many people struggle with congestion and itchiness followed by fevers and other problems. A 2018 study showed that this type of allergy affects more than 20 million people in the United States alone.

To prevent suffering from allergies this spring, here are three natural tips to ease allergies from Shay Herndon, NMD, of the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AzNMA) to help alleviate some of the issues individuals can face during this time.

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The first tip is to begin taking probiotics; these can combat “foreign” allergies when it enters the body. “Probiotics can be great in modulating the immune system,” Herndon said.

Along with consuming probiotics, natural supplements like Vitamin C are another option in acting as natural antihistamines to ease allergy symptoms.

The next tip is to regularly clean your house to remove dust and pollen floating around. Some ways are to change the air filters and sheets frequently and vacuuming.

“We can track in pollen and bring it inside the home from being outside, it sticks to us so try to avoid going out on windy days,” Herndon said. “Being mindful of not leaving laundry to air dry outside is also really important.”

The last tip is to clean your nasal passage with saline solution often to clear out the congestion that forms at the back of the head.

“It’s important to use sterile water to again, cleanse the stuffiness you can feel,” Herndon said. “You can also use a Neti Pot with water as a natural decongestion method as well.”

Herndon said other medical professionals may recommend other methods like acupuncture – but it all ties into making sure the body is healthy and functioning during a vulnerable time like allergy season!