You will notice when you walk into anyone’s house that there is usually a distinctive smell that you pick up on. It could be that they always have something cooking on the stove, which can either be a great smell or a bad one depending on what’s in the pot! Perhaps you notice the air freshener that they use or the scent of their chosen laundry detergent? It could even be the scent of their pets if they have one, or a musty smell. Whichever house you go into, you’ll notice these smells – good and bad – but it’s unlikely that you’ll pick up on the scent in your home unless something drastic changes. So, how do you know if your home smells good or bad? Well, here are a few ways that you can make sure your home is always smelling fresh, so you don’t need to worry about what your guests think!

1. Improve the Ventilation

Fresh air will do a lot to keep a home smelling fresh, so if you’re someone who usually keeps your windows closed it’s time to change that. Otherwise, odors will linger in your home for longer and after a while, this will give off a stale smell that can be unpleasant. It’s also not good for you to live in a home that doesn’t have a lot of fresh air flowing through, and this can affect your sleep cycle and potentially make you feel more run down. At least for an hour or so a day, open the windows and let some fresh air come through. You might not be able to do this as much during the winter months, but you should certainly do it in the summer.

2. Don’t Smoke in Your House

Tobacco smoke is pungent and it lingers in houses, on the fabric, and can even turn your ceiling and walls yellowish over an extended period. If you are a smoker, the main thing you need to do if you want your house to stay smelling fresh is to stop smoking indoors. It will make your home a much more pleasant living environment for you and whoever else you live with. You could even consider switching to vaping for when you want to stay indoors as these won’t make your home smell nearly as much. You can look into vape tanks, e-liquids, and other information about switching to a vape online.

3. Use Scented Candles and Incense

Another way to make sure your house smells good all the time is by investing in some scented candles and incense. There are countless scents you can discover from various brands all over the world, and not only do these candles smell great, but they can help to create a cozy atmosphere as well. You can also use reed-diffusers if you prefer that and don’t want a lot of candles in your home, or there are other air fresheners.

If you want to make sure your home smells good and isn’t off-putting to your guests, try these tips and see how they can make a difference.