It’s that time again: time to replace your old mattress. Whether you’re sizing up, sizing down, or looking for something that’s more comfortable, it’s time to start looking for something new.

So how do you find a good mattress? Aside from comparing mattress prices, what are you supposed to do or look for? Is there anything that you should avoid?

We’re here to talk about a few common mistakes with mattress shopping so you can start making your mattress shopping strategy. Read on to learn more.

1. Not Taking Measurements

Whenever you buy a new mattress, you need to make sure that it’s going to fit in the space that you have for it.

Many people just see the basic sizes (twin, full, queen, and king) and assume that all mattresses in those sizes will be the same. While the sizes are going to be mostly accurate, they only represent the width and length of the mattress.

There are mattresses that are flatter and thicker. While this isn’t always a huge issue, it can be problematic if you happen to have something like a Murphy bed (find a new one here: that can’t support a super thick mattress.

Take measurements and compare them to the mattresses that you’re looking for.

2. Buying Without Trying

Even if you’re going to buy your mattress online, it’s in your best interest to visit local mattress stores to test out a variety of mattresses first.

There’s only so much that you can learn from an online description of a mattress. You really need to be able to go to the store and touch the mattress (if not lay down on it for a moment) to determine whether or not it’s going to work for you.

3. Not Reading Reviews

If you’re not reading online customer reviews when you’re searching for any new product, you’re making a huge mistake. Buying a new mattress is expensive, and you want to know that other people have been happy with their purchase before you commit to it.

Keep in mind that not everyone’s review will be relevant to your specific needs. For example, someone who experiences back and neck pain and needs a mattress to suit that won’t be relevant to you unless you also have back and neck pain.

4. Trusting Brand Names

There are plenty of trendy and popular mattress brands out there that you’ll see advertised through influencers on social media. Does that mean that they’re good?

While many people love those popular mattresses, you can’t trust them just because they’re from a popular brand. Brands spend money on marketing, so they’re paying people to tell you how good their mattresses are.

Before you commit to a mattress, even if it’s popular, try it out for yourself first.

Avoid These Common Mistakes With Mattress Shopping

You’re about to spend a lot of money on a new mattress, so make sure that you avoid these common mistakes with mattress shopping. Find the perfect mattress and start getting restful sleep tonight.

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