Every swimming pool needs repair and maintenance to work well for the long term. Those who neglect such important fixes often run into long term problems. Having a pool around is a breath of fresh air because one can always lounge nearby and enjoy the calm blue water. However, a few pools necessarily don’t show signs when they need to get fixed. So if you have plans to repair your swimming pool this summer, we will guide you through 4 signs that will decide whether or not you need to repair it.

1. Malfunctioning Heater

The reason why your pool water is so cold is probably that the heater is out of order. There could be several reasons for this problem. Get pool service in Gilbert if you want to get this problem solved on time. Very often, pipes that get blocked due to large pieces of debris also stop the flow of water to the heater. Another reason could be, water is reaching the heater, but there is a lot of air in it. Keep in mind, one problem gives birth to the other, so it is essential to get it fixed on time.

2. Broken lights

Combining water and electricity is always dangerous, especially when you have to launch in the pool. Incorporating lights in the swimming pool is a creative DIY option, but unattended broken lights are a big risk factor. Broken lights can be fixed easily by draining all the water and turning off the main electricity. So if you don’t have hands-on experience of repairing a broken light, hire poor professional service to get this work done. Broken lights should be fixed on time, especially when you have pool parties in your house very often.

3. Dirty Water

One of the leading causes of dirty water in the pool is blocked sand. Even if your pipes are clear, blocked sand will always change the color of water the moment you start filling up the pool. Change your sand filter every few years up. However, if you forget to do this task, you can hire professional pool servicemen to do this work. Dirty water doesn’t only make the entire place give a bizarre look but is equally dangerous for a person’s health who intends to swim in it. If you hire professional pool service, ask them for a few tips to keep your water clear.

4. Wall Cracks

If you witness cracks in the pool walls, this is a definite sign that you need to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. Having a pool with cracks means that it will waste your water and might cause soil erosion as well. Not to forget, this problem is not a quick repair if you don’t have professional help around. Wall cracks also make the pool look old and untidy, so it is imperative to get them repaired timely. Water cracks can cause massive damage in the long run and might compel you to get a new pool installed in the house.