Domestic abuse can be both devastating and heartbreaking for victims. It destroys intimate relationships, especially in one’s family. It can ruin someone’s perspective about life and damage a person, not just physically but also emotionally. It makes the sufferers feel hopeless and less fulfilled about life.

Thankfully there is a way to help bring justice to the abused ones, and that is by hiring a private investigator. These professionals have the expertise to investigate situations and gain facts about certain domestic abuse types that will help victims achieve justice. To provide more insights about when to hire one, below are five typical situations where hiring a private investigator is of big help.

Infidelity Of Your Spouse

A long-lasting “till death do us part” marriage requires not just love and the emotions accompanied with it. It also demands loyalty, faithfulness, and commitment. But what happens if your partner lost its passion and wandered off to someone else. If you need evidence to prove this, a private investigator can help.

When you are going to hire a professional, make sure to talk about how the investigator will do it. For instance, they can discuss with you that they are going to be spying your spouse. By doing so, you will be able to provide them with the daily routine and whereabouts of your spouse to note and plan.

Hiring one will not just save you time from investigating what’s the matter with your spouse, their expertise will be an assurance they can provide quality evidence regarding the real deal of what’s real about your partner’s infidelity.

Cohabitation Can Reduce Alimony

Suppose you are still providing the right alimony with your ex-spouse while suspecting that there is a good possibility that they are cohabitating with someone else. In that case, this can be a solid ground for alimony reduction. And for you to prove that your suspicion is correct, this is an excellent reason to hire a private investigator.

Think about how frustrating it would feel if your suspicion was right all along. It took you long enough to discover that you have been financially abused for a long time only after you have hired a private investigator. If you think pursuing the case would be worth it no matter what will result, it is definitely right to hire a professional in situations like this.

Hiring a professional private investigator who is an expert at probing and collecting facts will help you solidify your claims and help you create a strong stand against your former spouse, which can pave the way for you to be granted the application of reducing your alimony or in other circumstances ultimately terminating it.

Acquiring Child Custody

Child custody usually occurs when the parents decide to file a divorce. In situations like this, things can get rough. Negative emotions tend to rise to the point that both parties will claim each other’s neglect and irresponsibility. Hiring a private investigator will increase your chance of child custody if you honestly know that you are on the right ground.

Before finally deciding to hire one, make sure to discuss first with a professional, what the right decisions are to make in your case. For instance, you can discuss the different types of child custody with them to finalize which type of care will be the most appropriate one to be applied in your case.

Your private investigator will make sure that the best decisions will be provided, and they will be your best assets to prove that you have the higher ground.

Divorce Due To Physical Abuse

If your spouse is quick to lay a hand on you, and most of the time goes overboard and has been damaging you physically and emotionally, this will be a firm ground for divorce. And to solidify your proofs, a private investigator is the right expert you need.

In hiring an expert, you must first discuss the frequency of such incidents with your spouse. You must also try to express the intensity of your emotions so that the investigator would know if the case is worth pursuing.

Since physical abuse is somewhat hard to prove, you must also discuss with them if there are witnesses involved. It may be your child or a relative who resides in the same house or any video recordings, which may strengthen your evidence against your spouse.

Missing Person That Has Obligations

In cases where you are looking for a missing individual where there is an obvious motive like debt obligations, inheritance obligations, legal action avoidance, and the like, hiring a private investigator will solve your problem.

Private investigators have the necessary skills and training to track down a missing person. In the hiring process, it is essential to discuss how important it is to find this individual. The expert may also ask every detail you know about this person to guide them during the locating process.


Although other types of situations might require you to hire a private investigator other than the events mentioned above, always keep in mind that if certain domestic conditions become destructive enough for your well-being and dignity, you must consider hiring a private investigator to help you obtain the justice you rightly deserve.