The spellcasting world is so mysterious and fascinating and we truly wanted to learn more about it. From what we’ve seen online, many people rely on professional spellcasters to get what they desire.

It could be anything: from love to a new job, from luck to more abundance in their lives. Name it and a spellcaster can deliver it straight into your life.

We interviewed professional spellcaster Tina Caro from Magickalspot and together we dived into this world of magic.

First things first, do spells really work?

Absolutely! Of course, its effectiveness depends on the way you cast it, but every spell has a great potential. The truth is that if you are not in tune with a certain spell you decided to work with, the most likely outcome is that it won’t manifest. That’s why I always recommend that you choose a spell that you feel connected to. Your mood and vibes are also an important factor when it comes to the effectiveness of a spell. If you cannot separate yourself from negativity, the energy of the spell might be diverted and you won’t see the spell manifest. That’s why I always recommend, especially for those who need big changes in a short amount of time, relying on a professional spellcaster, as this professional has experience, skills and the right mindset to channel the needed energy into magic.

How do you cast a spell?

I am often asked how I cast a spell. In reality it is not so simple to explain.

For example, consider when you blow out birthday candles and focus on a desire or when, especially in adolescence, you write the name of your loved one on a piece of paper. These actions, apparently simple and innocent, actually infer more complex and structured actions belonging to the magical tradition. The spells that produce the best results are those with a very specific purpose.

Put simply, this magical practice should be driven by a very strong desire. For example, you can be spurred on by an event or an idea, although it would be strongly discouraged to cast spells in a state of strong emotional anxiety. This is because the result of your manifestations will always reverberate your mood at the time of execution: if you perform the spell while in a frenzy, expect irregular results. For positive and important results, channel your magical energy with focus, awareness and firm will. Long story short, spells can be considered intermediaries that unite entities through concepts.

To cast a spell, you need to:

1. Find the right spell for you (according to your experience and your goal)

2. Cleanse the space around you

3. Cast a circle for protection (not mandatory but highly recommended)

4. Gather all of the ingredients needed

5. Meditate Set and intention

6. Follow the instruction of the spell

7. Close the circle

8. Forget about it

What is the golden rule of spellcasting?

The most important rule to respect lies in never wanting to cause the harm of others. ‘Backfire’ will ensure that the malice you try to inflict on others will return straight to yourself.

If you do not feel confident in casting a particular spell, avoid doing so. Although simple, spells have many implications that should not be underestimated.

Your magical intentions define your essence, so always proceed with love and good intention.

What are your favorite tools when spellcasting?

My favorite tools when spellcasting are candles, fresh or dried herbs, essential oils and sigils! I use other magical tools like chalices, athames and more, but I feel most connected to the first ones!

They are also very easy to find and to use and those are the very first tools I used when I started practicing witchcraft.

In the last few years I added divinatory tools to my practice as well, but I mostly use these for self-work.

What are your favorite types of spells?

To be honest, I enjoy casting love spells! And the reason is very simple. I love helping others and I know that when it comes to love many people are struggling and would like to find true love! Helping others is what makes me love what I do even more as I know how my clients’ lives can change after a spell.

I created some powerful combinations of spells to help people with more effects and faster manifestation. I admit that most of my clients want their exes back so I created the Deluxe 3 in 1 Spell casting to clear negativity around a situation between two exes, bring the ex back and make him/her get back for a long-lasting, beautiful and happier relationship.

Working with such powerful and effective magic and listening to my clients’ stories of happiness and peace when the spell manifests is really important to me!

Another of my favorite spell is actually the Moon Enhancement.

As I love working with lunar phases, using the moon enhancement for spells to maximize their effects and see them manifesting quicker is so exciting and rejuvenating for my craft! These are my favorite spells as I love casting them for my clients as I know they will definitely help them feel better and be happier.

When it comes to spells I cast for myself, I have to admit I am more of a ritual person and I love doing rituals for the new moon and the full moon, but also some small ceremonial rituals when pagan festivities come around.

It makes me feel so connected with the elements and so ready to absorb the nutrient of the practice… I love it!

Interviewing Tina was a great opportunity for us to learn more about witchcraft from a unique, personal perspective. We hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we enjoyed spending time with her.