Not all people love spices. But some people do. And who are we to blame them? Not only do spices turn ordinary meals into delectable and tasty ones, but they also make every dining experience an enjoyable event because of its unusual effect on their taste buds. However, what most people do not know is that spices do have health benefits too.

One of the spices that provide excellent health benefits is cardamom. It is known as the Queen of Spices because of its outstanding advantages both in taste and health. It is commonly used in savory dishes like curries and biryani. But more importantly, it is used because of the positive effects it has on one’s health. Listed below are the five benefits Cardamom offers to boost one’s health.

1. Helps Your Heart

It is well-established that the heart is a vital organ in your body, primarily responsible for blood circulation inside your bodies. Its principal function also involves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. It follows that if you do not exert any effort to take better care of your heart, you will risk having heart diseases and problems.

Cardamom contains fiber nutrients that help lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, thereby improving the heart’s condition. It also has antioxidant components that prevent cancer formation, and this, too, benefits the heart.

2. Aids Liver Function

The liver is one of your body’s vital organs since it is highly responsible for converting the food into energy.  The liver also produces bile that breaks down fats that are stored in your body. Further, it is the one responsible for the removal of your body’s waste products. If not correctly taken care of, your liver may be severely damaged. You may develop liver disease, worse, a liver failure that will adversely affect the liver’s function inside your body.

Cardamom consumption is one of the effective means to prevent these problems. Cardamom helps your body’s liver’s detoxification and cleansing. Moreover, Cardamom improves the flow of the bile from your liver. And when this happens, it will be easier for your liver to break down the fats you have consumed. As such, your liver won’t be overused and get damaged.

To achieve a healthy liver, you may add a tablespoon of Cardamom to your favorite cuisine, be it American, Italian, Indian, or any other cuisine. Also, adding a pinch of it to your hot tea will also do the magic.

3.  Aids the Digestive Organs

Your digestive system is composed of your digestive organs such as your stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines, colon, rectum, and anus.  Their task in your body is to convert your food into nutrients and energy your body needs to survive. After said conversion, it packages your solid wastes and toxins for disposal whenever you have your bowel movement.

Imagine what will happen to your body if you possess a dysfunctional digestive system. The toxins and waste will remain in your body and slowly poison you, yielding complications, and severe problems.

Thus, Cardamom is one of the solutions to these problems. Cardamom aids your digestive system. It allows your digestive organs to function optimally and helps prevent you from abdominal bloatedness.

For you to achieve these benefits, you should consistently take in Cardamom in your body. Don’t think that adding Cardamom to your dishes or drinks is unexciting or dull because cardamom can introduce an exotic taste. Therefore, Cardamom is best mixed in a marinade of meat or fish or your coffee, leaving you refreshed, relaxed, and satisfied.

4. Boosts Hair Growth

Your hair is indispensable to your body much more health since it protects you from various elements. Your head hair protects your scalp against the scorching sun, eyelashes from foreign minute objects that might enter your eyes, and nostrils hair from dust, dirt, and insects that might likewise enter your body.  For people with trouble growing their hair, they might have a chance when they include Cardamom in their diet.

5. Improves Thinking

If not the most essential to your health, your mind is crucial, for it serves as the one responsible for thinking, feeling, and sensation. You are shaped by your thoughts, and your thoughts are processed in your mind. These thoughts mandate your sense of feeling and sensation. That is why it is necessary to prioritize your mind because your mental health is as important as your physical health.

Cardamom will allow you to gain a sound mind and great mental health because it gives you the necessary serenity to see things clearly. Cardamom has components that help balance your brain stem and nervous system, thereby enhancing your intellect to make the right decisions.


You only have one body. Taking good care of your body means taking better care of your health. You have to remember the things that benefit your health, and that includes consuming Cardamom consistently. Adding this unique spice to your dishes and drinks won’t take a minute, but its benefits to your body will last forever.