No one starts as a master. It is the same as doing barbeque at home. Starting one at your home can be scary and chaotic. There are things you need to consider to achieve the ultimate barbecue experience that you and your family will enjoy. Doing barbecues at your place can also be a form of bonding with your family and peers. You can talk and savor the fresh air in your backyard.

Barbecue can be less stressful for a beginner if you know and follow specific tips about grilling. One should know what type of grill you are comfortable with and cook the griller properly. Worry not; these tips for a starter can help you cook your food in your griller without a sweat.

Choose Your Grill Type

This is the very first step to your barbecue plans. You must figure out what type of grill you are comfortable using. You can pick four types of grillers: gas, propane, electric, and charcoal. The manual type that has no knobs and buttons is the charcoal type. With its name, of course, you need charcoal for the grill to work. If you want an easy way, you can also choose the electric type. This grill only needs to be plugged into the outlet

You can also try using the propane grill with a tank. This will be your grill’s supply of gas to ignite the fire. If you are a bit scared of the propane grill, try the gas grill, which is convenient since you can use your house’s natural gas supply. In this way, you don’t have to worry about running out of gas while grilling. Going to a nice BBQ website for more information can help you out with your BBQ needs.

Prepare and Clean Your Grill

After choosing the grill, you can start preparing it. You must ensure that your grill is clean, and there are different ways to clean your grill, depending on what type it is. For steel or cast iron grates, you can use a steel brush to remove any rust and dirt stuck in the grates. For porcelain-coated grates, a nylon bristle brush will do the work.

The bottom part of the grill should also be checked and cleaned to make sure it is free from debris and ashes that may block the heat source. Another thing, except for the porcelain type grates, you need to season your grill grates by applying an ample amount of oil to it to have a non -stick cooking surface. Wipe the excess oil to avoid burning once you turn on the heat.

Ignite the Fire

If you are done preparing for your grill, it is time to heat it. You have to ensure that your fuel source accords to your grill type. You can also look into the grill’s instructional manual on how to turn up the heat. For charcoal grills, you must put charcoal at the bottom of the grill before you start the fire.

The propane grill has a tank underneath where you must open its valve for the propane gas to flow to the grill. It is also the same for the gas grill, where the valve of your gas line should also be opened to allow the gas to flow to the grill. Lastly, electric grills just needed to be plugged into the outlet.

Adjust Your Grill’s Heat

Except for the charcoal type, the three grills can easily adjust their temperature while cooking. Electric, propane, and gas have knobs on the grills that you will turn on to adjust the heat.  It is not the same with charcoal, and it needs a lot of work to keep the right temperature for your cooking.

To lower the temperature of your charcoal grill, you can do three things. First, you must use the vents on the top and below to limit the oxygen from going in and can increase the heat. Second, you can move the coals to one side and use the other side for cooking. And lastly, using less amount of coal for more coal can raise the cooking temperature.

Cooling Down and Cleaning Up

After the grilling and eating session, you need to clean your grill to maintain its good shape. It would be best to let the food residue cook for fifteen minutes, and after that, you can turn off the plug or the valve of your grill. When it cools down, it is time to clean it in the same way in the cleaning style before you grill. Don’t forget to cover your grill to avoid dirt and other elements.


Firsts can always be scary and messy. Being a beginner in barbecue is nothing to be ashamed of since there are a lot of tips and procedures you can find for achieving the perfect grill. You must keep in mind that you must ensure that you are comfortable with what you are doing. Nothing beats enjoying what you cook and seeing your peers and family savoring the food.