Some people are fascinated by bugs, and there are people creeped out by them. But regardless of how you feel towards insects or pests in general, everyone agrees that they should not invade your home.

There are many kinds of pests, and the most common are bugs. These pests can carry diseases and leave droppings in your home. While keeping your house clean is one thing you can do to prevent an infestation; keeping a house bug-free or pest-free is not always easy. What you need to do is determine why these bugs keep coming back to your home. Before you call an exterminator or pest control Bristol service company, consider some preventive measures to keep pests at bay.

Close all cracks and gaps

The easiest access points for pets are gaps in your windows and doors. If your windows have screens, check for holes and loose wires. Inspect door trims and replace any portion that is rotted. If you have young kids, you may also want to install an automatic door closer. Another option is to install a door sweep to close any possible entry point for bugs and small rodents.

Keep your yard clean and well-maintained

Your yard also impacts pest infestation. For example, controlling the mosquito population means you need to get rid of any stagnant or pooled water. Poor lawn drainage can lead to standing water. Make sure that your yard is well-aerated so that the soil absorbs rainwater.

Clean and repair gutters and drains

Inspect the exterior of your home and note rotted boards and loose gutters. Gutters are also entry points for pests, as well as any loose boards or panels. Rats and squirrels look for soft spots which they can gnaw on to enter your house. Repair any damage and clean out gutters to prevent attracting insects and bugs.

Seal all openings used for utilities

Pests may also enter your home through utility openings. A Bristol pest controller recommends checking all utility entry points for any cracks. Make sure to seal these openings using caulk or polyurethane foam. You may also reinforce the opening using steel wool or mesh to deter insects and rodents that may gnaw on the sealant.

Cover roof vents and chimneys with wire mesh

Not every opening in your home should be covered. Flues and chimneys need to have some protection from pest infestation. Use a fine wire mesh to cover vents. For fireplaces, you can either use a wire mesh or a chimney cap.

Get rid of clutter and keep your house clean

Bugs enter your home to look for food, water, and shelter. If you remove clutter and keep your home clean, you are minimizing the occurrence of pest infestation. Your kitchen should be clean, and all food should be sealed and packed in insect-proof containers. If you are using your garage as a storage area, make sure that you remove clutter that can become breeding grounds for insects such as piles of newspapers.

Preventing pest infestation requires conscious effort. But if you find yourself battling a war you cannot win, you can always call an advanced pest control Bristol company to help get rid of pesky rodents and insects invading your home.