Vinyl is an excellent choice for a standout material whether you’re a professional graphic artist or a hobbyist. You can make it stand out more when you choose the right vinyl.

A holographic vinyl can ensure your project looks extra unique and more attractive. Regardless of whether your design is simple or fancy, its holographic effect can capture the eyes of whoever looks at it.  

If it’s for a store sign, you can guarantee your customers will see and remember your brand. 

What is holographic vinyl? 

This particular type of vinyl is well-known for its iridescent rainbow finish. However, it still acts the same as any vinyl. These pieces of vinyl may also have varying surface textures as well as holographic diffraction for different looks. 

You can choose the style that best suits your preference and your project.

Types of holographic vinyl 

Depending on your source, you can get various styles of holographic vinyl for your project.

There is the crystal vinyl that looks like broken pieces of a mirror or pieces of tiny crystals. These would look perfect for various projects.

You can also choose to work with glitter vinyl. Instead of geometric patterns, these have tiny dots that resemble scattered glitters. This kind of holographic-style vinyl is excellent if you wish to print something on it. The small, glitter-like style won’t be getting in the way of your print. 

The sequins or metal-flake vinyl style is a lot like the glitter vinyl. However, it has bigger dots which makes it stand out more.

If you want a more straightforward holographic style, the rainbow vinyl film is a perfect choice. It doesn’t have any pattern but showcases a slick iridescent rainbow look. 

You can also choose these types of vinyl in different colors. There are red, green, pink, yellow, pearl, and more. 

Where can you use holographic vinyl? 

Holographic-type vinyl has a wide range of applications. You can use it in any project if you want to achieve that holographic glow.

However, here are a few applications that will make the vinyl into good use: 


Holographic types of vinyl are perfect for creating door numbers as well as graphics for race cars and motorcycles. These graphics are visible from afar. It works perfectly for ads placed on these vehicles.

Retail signage

If you work in the retail industry, you’ll know how vital signages and advertisements are. It’s even better if you come to make it look more attractive and eye-catching. Holographic designs will do that for you.

Decor and scrapbooking

Holographic decorations are perfect for scrapbooks and various designs, even for t-shirts. It’s not necessarily for professional and industrial use, but it works well for hobbyists who want to enhance their creative side.

When you’re using a holographic type of vinyl, or any vinyl for that matter, avoid any wet applications. Water or any liquid can destroy it, and it’ll be useless.

It’s also best to thoroughly research before you use this kind of vinyl, especially when it’s your first time.