In most parts of the world, underage vaping isn’t considered a crime. However, most countries require a minimum age for purchasing a vape and selling to minors is a criminal act. For purchasing vaporizing products, most countries require the same age as for tobacco.

The legal consequences are for the individual who sold the product to a minor and not for the user himself. So, the chances for getting fined for vaping are minimal.

Vaping Age Restriction

On August 8, 2016, the FDA accepted that the minimum age of 18 for purchasing vaping products is a federal law. Tobacco institutions claim that the vaping products were sold too freely across the market, which gave kids easy access.

Before it became federal law, 48 states had already put the restrictions in place. However, now every state must comply with the new regulations. Until then, only Pennsylvania and Michigan allowed sales to minors

How old do you have to be to vape?

As we have already explained above, all states must comply with the newly introduced federal law, which requires a minimum age of 18 for purchasing vaping products.

Three states have set a minimum age of 19 to buy vaporizers. Other six, some of which include California, New Jersey, Hawaii and Massachusetts, require a minimum of 21.

The fight against minor vaping

One organization in America has created a strong movement against the vaporizing products and they are called The Tobacco 21. Due to their hard work, more and more countries accept 21 as a minimum required age for vaping. Moreover, more than 270 other cities have passed laws on their own.

Not only that they’re against smoking as a whole, but they’re against all low-risk nicotine alternatives. According to our sources, the FDA has begun a process of restricting the sales of e-cigarettes for minors. Meanwhile, companies make no efforts to reduce advertising and online sales to kids, which doesn’t serve well for the vaping image.

Vaping companies believe that the people under 21 also deserve access to a low-risk alternative such as the vaporizer. According to statistics, there’s a huge percentage of underage people who smoke cigarettes. The longer they wait to make the transition, the harder it will become for them to say no to nicotine.

e-Liquids without nicotine

A huge advantage for individuals who wish to quit smoking is the nicotine free e-juices. You would think that no nicotine means fewer restrictions, but not as far as American law is concerned.

According to the FDA, anything that uses a tobacco product, whether it will be the ingredient itself or only a component. This means that vaporizers, mods and atomizers are considered tobacco-related products.

Apart from the nicotine free liquids, we have different levels of nicotine with every e-juice. Hence, you can adjust the levels you consume. If you’re smoking cigarettes, you can reduce these levels only by smoking less.                          

Smoking a vaporizer without nicotine gives you a natural feeling of smoking a cigarette, but without the addictive substance within it. For smokers, it’s just enough to remove the cravings. Looking for quality no nicotine liquid?

Has vaping increased nicotine consumption amongst teenagers

The traditional tobacco companies accuse vaporizers of causing a surge in the nicotine consumption amongst youngsters. Specialists claim that e-cigarettes are tobacco products that contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. That’s why today’s vape smokers are considered as the next cigarette consumers.

Surveys made within 12th graders in two consecutive years showed that less than one in four students use nicotine. This results for less than 25 percent of the high school graduates, which means that the chances of recruiting more future smokers aren’t that big.

So, what is vaping for the rest of the 75 percent? Well, it looks like that for many, vaping is just the next popular social trend on the horizon. Statistics showed huge growth in use, which steadily declines for the past few years.

In the end, we believe that the companies and tobacco institutions are hyping teen vaping, which serves for it’s greater popularity. By claiming it as a taboo, it makes it even more tempting for kids.