How to customize your UNDONE aqua watch

Lifestyle | 20 Apr, 2019 |

The new aqua watch collection by UNDONE consists of affordable and highly customizable automatic watches, and they are perfect for water enthusiasts. The team that created this collection has immense experience, and their watches are manufactured and designed by watchmaking veterans and talented artisans. The watches are a reflection of individuality, and they encourage innovators to create watches that promote variety and uniqueness.

When you purchase a customized watch, you wear your personality on your wrist. The statement you make also depends on the aqua watch you choose. Customizing a watch to make it as personal as possible is a beautiful and unique process, which begins with the appearance of you watch and what components and features you would like to include.

When you encounter many options, it can be difficult to decide on just one combination, but the process of determining can be fun. You get to pick the bezel, dial, hands, color and texture of the strap, case back and the case back graphic (that’s if you choose the exhibition case back).

With the aqua watch collection, UNDONE has managed to give you the power to design your watch and also, set you on a path where you can begin personalizing your watch. Luxury watches have a fixed appearance, so when many people buy that watch, they’re all buying the same watch. When you customize your watch, you’re guaranteed to be the only one having that particular watch and design. The professionals employed by the company are nothing short of courteous and professional; they will help you with the best advice, and their enthusiasm is infectious.

When you choose a model from the aqua watch collection, this is the process you will have to follow when customizing the watch:

* Aqua watches are available in many options which include Black PVD, Brushed Stainless Steel, Rose Gold PVD, Gun Metal, Silver, and Light brown.

* The next step includes choosing the bezel. You can choose between ceramic and K1 glass. If you go for the ceramic bezel, then the indices will be polished on a matte background. The K1 glass is hardened and reverse inserted, and it’s available in many colors.

* The third step is choosing an appropriate dial. Like the other steps, it comes down to your preference, and you will have many options and colors to choose from. Some of the popular dials are matte, gloss, carbon, full lume, sunray, and camo. The matte black is a favorite among customers because of the luminous indices and the blue glow that comes along with it.

* Once the dial is chosen, it’s ‘time’ to decide on the hands. There are three options you can choose from, and these include sword hands, Mercedes-style hands, and rounded style hands. Not all the hands are luminous. The best part of selecting the hands of the watch is that you can choose the movement style as well. You can choose between the NH35A black date disc and the NH35A white date disc. The discs will have automatic winding along with ball bearings, and they will be anti-clockwise and clockwise, you will have date displays and shock resistance too. The power resistance can last for more than forty hours.

* The next step in customizing your aqua watch is selecting the strap. Many customers have quoted that this is their favorite step because of the varieties available. The choices include US Horween oiled tanned, Italian leather, Military Bund, Rubber, Suede, Alligator.

* Then comes the final step, and that is choosing and customizing the case back. You have a choice between the clear exhibition case back, a case back that comes with a custom graphic design of your choice, or you can stick to the traditional solid case back.

Once you have cleared all the steps and have customized the watch to your heart’s content, you’re left with a watch that is beautiful, unique and perfect for you, and that is what an aqua watch hopes to deliver to all their clients.

If you’re looking for a watch that reflects your personality and not something that is mass produced and generic, then UNDONE’s watch collection is the piece for you. The base price for these watches is 450 dollars, and it’s worth it when you see the watch of your dreams come to life in front of you.

The price matches the quality of the watch too. Everything is top-notch. The watch sits comfortably on your wrist, it’s so lightweight that you forget you’re wearing it, and the compliments you’ll receive on the watch won’t allow you to ignore its presence. Overall, you’ll be more than happy to own a watch like this.


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