August 12, 2019

AZ Big Media

How to get a good night’s sleep on a gel mattress

“Hey wait, what’s this about being able to ‘get a good night’s sleep’ on a gel mattress?  Wouldn’t be an uncomfortable, sticky, and messy sleeping arrangement?”  You probably asked yourself this question when you read the title for this article.  You likely remember gel to be a sticky and messy proposition when you used it in your deodorant and on your hair.  However, gel mattresses are different and can actually make you feel comfortable enough to sleep well and soundly at night!

About gel memory foam mattresses

Size matters when you are buying gel mattresses.  You want to buy a gel memory foam mattress full size because it is large enough to allow you to roll around in bed and stretch your body out to be comfortable enough to sleep soundly at night.  But aside from this, gel memory foam mattresses are buoyant and allow you to bounce around comfortably in bed at night when you sleep.  These mattresses are flexible and will contour to the shape of your body.  You will feel as though you are being, ‘hugged’ by the mattress.  Gel mattresses also improve air circulation around you allowing you to breathe better.  You sleep more comfortably and soundly at night.

What are the different sizes of mattresses?

You know that mattress size matters when you want to sleep well at night, but you live in India.  What are the different mattress sizes in India?  You can choose from five types of mattresses, each with different and increasingly larger mattress sizes.  For example, you can choose from a single mattress which is 35.5 inches long by 75 inches wide.  You can choose from a small double mattress which is 47 inches long by 75 inches wide.  You can choose from a double mattress which is 53 inches long by 75 inches wide.  There is a king-sized mattress which is 59 inches long by 79 inches wide.  Finally, online stores sell the super king mattress which is 71 inches long by 79 inches wide.

The bed frame you sleep on matters

That is the bed frame you sleep on matters when you want to sleep well at night.  This is because it gives your mattress the solid foundation it needs to rest solidly enough to allow you to ‘get comfortable in bed.’  You want to sleep on a platform bed frame.  These frames are affordable and very easy to assemble.  The best part about them is that they offer the long-lasting support for your mattress which you need to have it fit just right.  You will then sleep comfortably and soundly at night!  These frames are ‘one size fits all’ which means that any mattress – from a single to a king-sized mattress – will fit soundly, snugly, and comfortably on this bed frame.

You can sleep well at night now

Now that you know that large gel mattresses which are supported by solid bed frames are what you need to get comfortable at night, you can sleep like a baby at night.  Don’t worry about not being able to find these items in your budget range.  This is because you can find all of these items and more on online stores at prices which you can afford!