Mandalay Homes announced it has been awarded its 11th U.S. Department of Energy – Housing Innovation Award in the Production category for their new homes currently being offered within the Foothills at the Dells community located in Prescott, Arizona. Mandalay Homes has built more than 800 certified Zero Energy Ready homes, offering more certified homes than any other builder in the nation.

Sam Rashkin – Chief Architect with the U.S. Department of Energy wrote, “This is a significant accomplishment… your leadership is paving the way for the rest of the U.S. housing market to provide zero energy ready homes that are better for our nation, our communities, and our homeowners.”

Dave Everson, Founder and CEO of Mandalay Homes, said he is thrilled to have been awarded the DOE’s Housing Innovation Award again. “Mandalay Homes is honored to be recognized as a leader in the homebuilding industry. We consistently strive to research, embrace and implement the highest standards of energy efficient building practices in all of our new homes,” said Everson.

Geoff Ferrell, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) added, “An award like this is especially significant because it speaks directly to the commitment that Mandalay Homes has made to creating better homes within our community for our customers,” said Ferrell.

Zero energy ready homes built to the DOE’s specifications are designed to a higher standard in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, durability and comfort. This type of home uses less energy, water and resources, both in its construction and in its long-term operation. These homes save the customer money, provides a greater living environment and offers a substantially lower carbon footprint.

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