You’ve heard of the adaptive mattress, meet the adaptive pillow

Above: (Photo courtesy of Tuft & Needle) Product Reviews | 6 May, 2016 |

Continuing its commitment to help customers wake up better, Tuft & Needle, the industry pioneer that was the first to develop a single, universally comfortable mattress sold online, launched its follow-up product to the wildly successful mattress, the T&N Pillow.

The pillow launched Wednesday, and is exclusively available at Tuft & Needle’s Phoenix store, which is located at 735 Grand Ave., or at the San Francisco store.

“We develop products that solve real problems,” said Tuft & Needle’s Co-Founder, JT Marino. “Over the years, we have listened to many people complain about their mattress, and even more about their pillows. Pillows are either too thin and soft, providing little support, or too thick and firm, resulting in a stiff neck. Our Tuft & Needle Pillow is made with our T&N Adaptive Foam, which addresses most people’s problems since it is both soft and supportive.”

“A lot of care and research has gone into the pillow. It was developed without having to react to external pressures such as Venture Capital, allotting us ample time to make sure the product met our standards. Our team is excited and proud to introduce this product to our customers,” he said

Designed with the same values as the T&N mattress, the Pillow comes in one style made of soft, plush, high density T&N Adaptive Foam developed to prevent hot sleeping while providing comfort and support. All materials are designed and manufactured in the United States and the Pillow comes with a 100-night sleep trial and three-year warranty.

The pillow is 17 inches by five inches, and each one costs $85. Each pillows has a 100 percent T&N Adaptive Foam core, a new kind of Polyurethane foam similar to what is used on the top layer of the Tuft & Needle Mattress. The Pillow foam is soft and plush, yet supportive and sleeps cool due to its open-cell construction. Additionally, it will not flatten over time like other foam or feather pillows.

The pillow cover is 100 percent made with a Micro-Tencel fabric. Tencel is a made from eucalyptus wood fiber, is hypoallergenic and ultimately inhibits bacteria growth. “Micro” is referring to the size of the yarns used in the fabric. They are very small creating a soft and silky feel, while still providing durability and resistance to pilling.

The pillow also has a 100 percent polyester foam protective barrier, which is a thin knitted fabric that covers the foam core. It protects the foam from getting damaged or dirty when removing the cover.

The pillow is launched exclusively in the Tuft & Needle Phoenix and San Francisco stores. and there is a limit of two pillows per customer. Folks who are unable to make it to the store to purchase a pillow have to sign up for the waiting list.

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