There are a lot of mixed opinions surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes. You might have read about the health benefits of e-cigs online, seen it on TV or even heard about it from family and friends. And, the very next day, you might have come across reports about the dangers of e-cigs. If you have been thinking about quitting conventional cigarettes and transitioning to e-cigs, the mixed messages can make the decision confusing and difficult. In this article, let’s dive into the real pros and cons of e-cigarettes in order to get a clear frame of reference to decide on whether it’s good for you or not.

The Pros

Let’s begin with the benefits of e-cigs. They appear to be safer alternatives for long-term cigarette smokers. E-cigs are best-suited for the individuals who have been trying to quit smoking for a while.

You Get To Control Over Nicotine Intake

It is said that e-cigs let you control your nicotine dosage. The e-liquids are available in diverse range of strengths, starting from high-intense nicotine to mediocre to nicotine-free. You can choose how much strength you desire or how much intense substance you require for e-cigs. Mostly, the e-cigs begin with the high/intense levels of nicotine and then slowly work their way down to low levels of nicotine, and then finally tend to eliminate.

You Gain Instant Satisfaction

The instant satisfaction is high and quick with the e-cigs and does the trick to kill your smoking cravings. Although they require preliminary tinkering, once the e-cigs are ready to lit, they take a single hit or push button on the device (some e-cigs come with the automatic draw). You can use the e-liquid for a very long time in a day with no systematic maintenance. The e-cig is ready wherever and whenever you desire to vape.

E-Cigs Are Easily Available In The Market

E-cigarette is much more accessible and widely available in current markets. Nowadays, you can easily find the substance/liquid in your local convenience stores, vapor shops, smoke cafes, gas stations, etc. You can even buy online, and the providers will directly deliver the stock to your doorstep.

Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes

E-liquids contain the components like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and food-grade flavoring ingredients. The primary idea behind smoking e-cig is that it can offer potential health benefits by taking the low levels of nicotine when compared to old-fashioned cigarettes. The ingredients that appear to be present in e-liquids are free of carcinogens. E-cig resembles a regular cigarette, but it does not attempt to burn tobacco.

The Cons

Just like every regular cigarette has some risks associated with it, the e-Cig also comes with potential drawbacks.

E-Cig May Cause Cancer

You probably have an idea that every cigarette contains some level of nicotine. With e-cig, if your nicotine intake is high, then you can potentially harm yourself from the toxic substances present in it. According to the evidence found by a study, “conclusive evidence that completely substituting e-cigarettes for combustible tobacco cigarettes reduces users’ exposure to numerous toxicants and carcinogens present in combustible tobacco cigarettes.” However, if you have no control over the nicotine intensity, the chances are high that you can develop cancer in your body.

Can Affect Your Lungs

Like every regular cigarette, an e-cig also has the potency to damage human lungs. The ingredients contain solvents, flavorings, and toxicants, which can be potentially harmful for chain smokers. They expose the lungs to different problems. One of the issues is related to the diacetyl, which is responsible for “popcorn lung”- a severe and irreversible lung disease.


Smoking, vaping or no smoking is your choice. Smoking a regular cigarette or smoking a vapor or e-cigarette is a personal preference. Having control and moderation is key to regulate your intake and avoid excessive amounts of nicotine, which can be potentially harmful.