Choose the Right Camera

If you are a videographer who is starting a video production company or an experienced master who wants to change the equipment, then you should consider three key aspects of buying a camera. They are high image quality, a manual control system and the ability to change lenses.

We can recommend the Sony AX700 camcorder, which has the ability to record in 4k. More affordable are DSLR cameras, such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and Nikon D850. Choose cameras like GoProHero 7 for extreme video.

But, you should pay attention to the fact that DSLR cameras usually work more slowly, and this is very important when shooting video.

Select the Proper Lens

When considering cameras with interchangeable optics, we must take into account lens qualities that allow getting the maximum result when shooting a video. Typical fast professional zooms, like 24-70/2.8, are perfect here. Sigma zooms with an aperture of f/1.8 can be a great option for cropped cameras and Micro 4/3.

When starting a videography business and choosing your gear, you need to remember special requirements to lenses if you plan to focus and shoot in manual mode. Ideally, the camera must have an accurate aperture and focus controls. Typical examples are Samyang lenses. They have smooth control of aperture, focusing and even prongs for additional mechanisms to control them.

Use Quality Stabilizers

When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the purpose of the stabilizer. Many of them are universal, but there are models that are compatible only with the photo or video equipment. You should also consider stabilization modes.

The more modes the stabilizer has, the wider the possibilities it provides to the photographer and videographer. The number of modes depends on the number of stabilization axes. There are such options:

  • Mechanical uniaxial – tilt
  • Electronic two-axis – tilt, turning
  • Three-axis models – tilt, turning, rotation

A maximum load is also important. You must take into account the maximum weight of the camera, at which you can use the stabilization system without the risk of breakage. When choosing a model, consider the weight of the camera and additional equipment.

We advise you to look at such stabilizers as Zeadio Video Action Stabilizing Handle and Dazzne HD-2000 or similar models.

Don’t Forget about External Microphone

If you are going to start a video production company, it is important for you to ensure high-quality sound recording. Unfortunately, even video cameras cannot cope with this task at a decent level. If we are talking about smartphones or DSLR, then the sound quality is even worse.

We recommend stocking up with external microphones. Using a microphone, you will get significantly better soundtrack quality. This is especially important if you are filming video lessons, interviews, courses, or other clips containing speech.

You can buy a good model at a very reasonable price. Rode VideoMic Pro is one of the best options.

Take Lavalier Mic for Frequent Dialogs

Get a small microphone that can be attached to the lapel or collar if people are talking in the frame. As a result, background noise will not stop you from recording high-quality sound and clear voices.

Wireless microphones, such as Saramonic SR-WM4C, are great for filming with a DSLR.

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting has a huge impact on video quality. Therefore, the selection of suitable lighting is an important but challenging task. To get the most winning image, you should take into account the type of lighting, equipment, shadows, back and front lighting.

Unfortunately, special equipment can cost quite a lot. If you are just starting a video production company, you can try to benefit from natural light or use a reflector. The main thing is to arrange the set up correctly to reflect light.

You can start with an entry-level reflector. It will help make the lighting better. Softbox is another option. It is a more powerful and versatile way to get the right lighting. The cheapest sets cost about $100. But if you need a more durable and efficient option, then you should pay attention to more expensive sets.

Get a Good Laptop

With a laptop, you have more mobility. But practice shows that updating a PC is always easier. In any case, you need to consider some technical points when choosing a laptop:

  • The amount of RAM should be from 8GB or more
  • A modern processor
  • Powerful video card from NVIDIA or AMD

We can recommend new mid-high price range processors from AMD, which are just perfect for video editing. For example, Ryzen 7 3700X has phenomenal performance due to 8 cores and 16 threads. Ryzen 9 3900X with 12 cores and 24 threads is so good that it has been immediately called the ideal processor for video editing.

As for laptops, we can advise the latest MacBook models for working with video. If we talk about personal computers, the ideal solution will be Lenovo Think Station P320, HP Omen 870 or Microsoft Surface Studio.

Get and Learn the Necessary Software

After you have recorded the desired material, you need to edit it and create a finished clip. So you have to find and figure out video editing software when you decide to start a video production company.

We recommend paying attention to professional programs, such as Adobe’s After Effects and Premiere, Final Cut Pro X. If this software is too expensive for you, you can consider Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas.

Video editing software will help you achieve fantastic results, so you need to learn how to work with it. Thanks to various online lessons, you will be able to find answers to many questions and develop your skills.

To achieve a good result, you will need to carry out color correction, select the most suitable moments and create smooth transitions between them. You should also work with the sound by removing unnecessary noise and stabilize the video from shake at some points.

For beginners, it may seem like a long and complicated process. So you can always ask for help at professional video post production services. Their price for video editing of 30 minutes starts at $80. In the case of a large-scale project, you can get a solid discount.

Use Additional Methods to Get More Customers

Start your search for potential customers by exploring your local business. Mark those who still do not have videos on their websites or think of people whom you could offer your videography services.

Make a list of such companies. Then you should contact them by email. When starting a videography business, write a separate letter to each company with your thoughts on what suits them. Letters with the same query do not work as efficiently.

It is important to indicate your contact details in the letter. If the company is interested in your services or they want to clarify some information, they should have the opportunity to call you or make an appointment. If your email remains unanswered, then you can try to get in touch in another way, for example, you can call them yourself.

Make the Right Work Plan

You finally got your first customer! Now you need to plan your work schedule correctly so as not to miss out on anything important. Here are some basic steps:

  • You have an order.
  • Agree and sign a contract to get the legal basis for your cooperation.
  • Complete the project.
  • Provide a finished project and check if a client is satisfied with everything.
  • Correct the necessary details.
  • Send the final version of the video.
  • Get your money.

When your clients have received their project and they are satisfied with your work, do not hesitate to ask them to write a testimonial on your website. This will contribute to attracting new customers. We also recommend keeping in touch with customers in order to be able to continue cooperation.

Set up Payment

To get paid for your work, you can use one of the existing methods. Bank transfer is one of them. When you start a video production company, you should open a personal or commercial account at the bank. Then you will give it to your customers.

They will transfer money from their bank to yours. This is a very quick and easy way because they can transfer money online.

Credit cards and cheques can also be a great way to pay for your services. Do not forget to indicate the possible payment methods in the bills that you send to customers. To get paid for your projects quickly, you need to create as many available ways to do this as possible.