Who doesn’t love comfort food? Stodgy, delicious comfort food is the mark of comfort for most people and it’s even better when that delicious comfort food is in the form of beef tamales. The beef tamale may be new for you, but it’s pretty symbolic of the Mexican street food market. They’re a staple in the kitchen for many families and this is particularly the truth over the festive period in the year and throughout any national celebrations.

The beef tamale was originally a Mesoamerican dish and there have been other variations that go back as far as 8000-5000 BC. The word ‘tamale’ comes from the Nahuatl word tamalli, which means wrapped. The tamale is usually made from a masa, or dough, that’s corn based. The tamale is wrapped in corn husks most of the time and then they are steamed and served with a spicy salsa drizzle. The spicy salsa combined with the hot beef is to die for, and if you head to any street vendor dishing up awesome Mexican food, you’ll find beef tamales. You can even make them at home if you know which recipe to follow, and they are so satisfying to make, too!

There are some tamales that are created with different fillers than beef, and if you go to the Oaxaca region of Mexico, you’ll find some of the sweetest tamales with a wetter dough. Instead of corn husks, you’ll find the tamales wrapped in banana leaves, and they taste the best with a chicken mole filling. Popular tamale options include the beef tamale, but you can also get the con queso (cheese) and the two salsas: roja and verde! If you have a sweeter tooth, then the pineapple-flavored tamales are an exceptional thing to try. There are different tamale flavors no matter where you go, and they’re a filling and delicious option for the holidays. They are popular through the holiday season for a good reason: they are a family favorite!

The history of the tamale dates back to the Mayan civilizations and they are sold by older families, restaurants, tamale factory and more. There are dedicated events known as the Tamalada – a gathering in which tamales are made, served, and shared as a family. A food-based event like this is not just packed with beef tamales, but with tamales of every single flavor. Some of the oldest families have been making tamales for decades and they will continue to pass down recipes as old as time to their children, and then again beyond that.

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