2021, the year that shall see it all. From virtual campaigns to hybrid celebrations and, in some places, akin to safe havens, physical events. The pandemic thrust every business into a frenzy. It rendered everything we knew about marketing mostly useless and demanded new solutions. Experts went out of the box to bring back the traction that their businesses had. Chances are, if you were part of the few without a digital marketing agency like Bonafide, your business barely survived. These days the world solely relies on digital communication to get the message across, and your brand’s perception has never mattered more.

Start fresh

Since this is a time unlike any other, it’s reasonable to consider this approach. Start fresh instead of looking back at previous strategies that you’ve utilized or noticed in pre-covid times. Discard your goals from the earlier years, forget your set target and requirements and begin anew. Take into account your conditions, analyze the current trends, and then set up plans entirely different from the previous years. This will add a theme of uniqueness and the kind of innovation you didn’t know you were capable of.

Use more video

People respond to different things now. Once they may have swiped past any videos on their timeline, now, they pause and play them. Our viewing habits have changed quite a lot, and video content is becoming more readily available, and as a result, people are more inclined to view it. So, if you want to attract more people to your product, make videos around it! Teach your customers how to utilize a product in different ways or display videos on your website as tutorials so that customers can get the in-store experience online. This will surely make your business a comfortable choice for customers.

Gain insights from the past

If your business isn’t doing as well as it used to, dive into the past. Look at the most famous campaigns you’ve had and the least successful ones. Try to jot down the differences in both. This can serve as a list of do’s and don’ts as you move forward. If you feel like a product deserved better representation than what it got, take the steps necessary to change that.

Go local

Customers like to feel heard; they want to remain in touch with a business. So there’s no better way to do that than launch campaigns that target local areas and allow customers to avail special offers in specific areas. As a result, your consumer base will expand, and you’ll know it’s most concentrated.

Get in touch with influencers

It’s 2021; there’s no one people trust as much as their favorite influencer. So make sure you send suitable PR packages to the most popular influencers around you. Be it Instagram bloggers or vlog makers on Youtube; one good review will sway their dedicated fan base towards your business.

The key to getting ahead in 2021

The key to getting ahead in 2021 is, of course, unique marketing. With a plethora of businesses catering to every section of life now, it’s become hard to stand out. But, with the proper advertising, you’ll be vowing customers over by the second. These tips will surely always keep you running ahead of the competition!