Do you love wine? And are you looking for fun stuff to do in Arizona? Then check out this list of the five best wineries in Arizona.

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of wine tours, there are now over 100 vineyards in the Sonoita and Elgin regions alone. In order to go on the perfect wine tour, you need to know about the best wineries in Arizona first. 

The state of Arizona is a beautiful place to visit. It offers diverse landscapes and spectacular scenery from the Grand Canyon, to beautiful lush forests and gorgeous vineyards with plump wine grapes.

There is something for everyone, especially the wine lovers as the varietals range from Cabernet Franc to Chardonnay and full-bodied zinfandels. 

But with so many vineyards and grape varietals, it can feel overwhelming to know where to even start! We researched the 5 best wineries in Arizona so you have to do is raise your glass and say “taster, please!”

Let’s get started!

1. Charron Vineyards

Nestled only 30 minutes from Tuscan, and 4,200 feet elevation, Charron Vineyards holds spectacular views of the Santa Rita mountains. This beautiful location ideal places to park for a lovely picnic basket that you get with your wine tasting.

Charron Vineyards is one of Arizona’s oldest vineyards, making the grapes mature and ultra-palatable. 

2. Arizona Stronghold Vineyards

Located near Cottonwood, Stronghold vineyards hold a high spot in many people’s top five in regards to wine from Arizona. The views from their tasting room are spectacular and will keep you wanting to stay longer.

They hold numerous fun events that include a wide array of meats, cheeses, and wines, making it one of the best wineries in Arizona. 

3. Dos Cabezas Wineworks

Located near Willcox, Dos Cabezas Wineworks offers a unique and delicious tasting menu of a wide selection of wines and accompaniments.

According to the San Fransisco Chronicle, Dos Cabezas Wineworks produced a 2009 El Campo that was named one of the top 100 wines of 2012. If you are in the Sonoita Valley, make sure you check them out. 

4. Arizona Hops and Vines

Arizona Hops and Vines is a must go if you are in the Sonoita Valley. Not only will you get to taste their delicious tasting menu, but you can also visit their brand new brewery on location as well.

There is an event happening at Hops and Vines almost every weekend, more than any other Arizona wineries, so look ahead on their website and get tickets before you go. 

5. Page Springs Cellars

You can tell it’s good wine by how busy the place always seems to be, as they are the only vineyard in the area with a hostess stand. If there is a waitlist, do not worry, they will hand you one of those cool pagers to alert you when your tasting time is ready. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious cheese plate with some incredible wines at Page Springs Cellars, you will be glad you did.

If you have alcohol addiction, hold off on the wine tour, as it can become very tempting in these beautiful locations.  Check out Inspire Malibu for more assistance. 

Learn More About the Best Wineries in Arizona

Now that you know the best wineries in Arizona, it is time to start planning your trip! 

If you are in Arizona during January, be sure to check out the incredible VegFest.