When you get into a new relationship, all you feel is love. There is always nothing that derails it for the first few weeks. You get so familiar with each other. You are no longer too careful not to hurt each other. Gradually you become too real, and then things begin to happen. You do something that will irritate or annoy the other partner, and maybe in this instance, you have been working towards spending the rest of your life together or are already at it.

You would not want to let all that you have invested in close to the entire of your youthful years to go down the gutters just like that. You would consider finding a counselor. Couples counseling in Scottsdale and those available in other parts of the world have numerous services that will benefit you and your partner and help you resolve the underlying issues within your relationship. Below are five factors to consider when looking for couples

The counselor’s specialization

The counselor you pick must have immense knowledge and experience in couple counseling. A person who will comprehend your needs and opinions.  You might have gone to him or her seeking a solution, and a remedy to your failing situation and they should be able to provide it. You will want someone who can refer you to some issues regarding couple counseling sessions that he or she has handled and have been successful. Going to a general counselor may not be the solution to marital or relationship issues, making it necessary for you to know about the specialty that the therapist you choose is best at.

Experience and work ethics

The counselor needs to be a free-willed and receptive person he\she should not be skeptical and too opinionated. They should have diversity in their field of experience and open to new methods. There are many techniques of counseling like Hokami for couples, imago couples, the Gottam process, psychobiological approach, collaborative couple’s therapy. Engage the counselor you pick to know if they are conversant with this form of counseling.

The counselor ought to be likable to both parties involved

The couple should be willing to open up to the counselor, and this is only possible if the practitioner is warm and friendly. The link is, therefore, of quite an essence, and if one of you does not like the counselor, then the whole session will be a waste of time. In as much as the counselor may be highly rated, with one of you not liking him/her, it is all a waste of time. During the initial interaction, observe your partner’s reaction to the counselor and ask them if they are comfortable afterward before you start booking appointments.


Going to the counselor should not drain resources from either of you. The price of therapists varies from one person to the next depending on factors such as location, specialization, and the number of years that they have been operational. Most of them charge per hour, and the sum at the end of the week may be too much for some couples to bear. When selecting a couple’s counselor to work with ensure that you confirm their hourly rate and then do the total per week and monthly to gauge if you can afford the venture or not.

Their take on marriage

For relationship and marital counseling, it is prudent to visit a counselor who appreciates the institution and will help you overcome your challenges. Going to a therapist who is not pro-marriage will be counterproductive to your needs. The question regarding their counselor’s stance on marriage should not be assumed as it is fundamental to the entire process.