The Studio at FOUND:RE Phoenix, located at 1100 North Central Avenue, announces Wayfinding: words symbols and artifacts, opening October 20. Artist Cheryle Marine introduces her exhibit, inspired by several visits to the Arizona Center during construction time.  

Marine watched daily construction at the Arizona Center throughout the summer; she paid attention as people traveled from the parking garage to their place of interest, using the long corridor of chain link fence to direct the path. When confronted with a wall and a walkway that takes them away from their destination, they were suddenly faced with a decision. To Marine, this is wayfinding.

Now, Marine collects objects she comes across in her travels as a city cyclist. She takes these physical, three-dimensional memories, changes them into two-dimensional drawings or tracings, then turns them back into three-dimensional objects in a different way.

“We’ve come to a point where it matters what we use, how we use it and what we leave behind. This is investigating that on a deeper level,” Marine said.

Marine has been deeply involved in the Phoenix art scene since 1999. She said she strives to create a memory of her personal existence through her art. This particular project gives her the ability to slow down, observe her actions and arrive at an ultimate moment of meditation. 

“I’m excited to continue to push my work to be about my existence,” Marine said, “Although it might seem complicated, it’s a meditative way of taking life to a simple point of view.”

Wayfinding: words symbols and artifacts opens October 20 with an artist reception beginning at 6 p.m. The gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and by checking availability at the front desk on weekends.

“I’ve known Cheryle for many years and it’s fascinating to see her evolution as both an artist and as a person” said Mike Oleskow, Cultural Curator at FOUND:RE Phoenix.  “Wayfinding makes a beautiful statement of Cheryle’s artistic expression in the continuation of her journey.” 

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